The Iceman


The Iceman was born and raised in North Caldwell, NJ. During high school, he took his talents out to Flemington, NJ, where he currently resides after graduating from Lehigh University. For years the Iceman had a feeling he was destined for fantasy football greatness. After becoming champion of his home fantasy league in 2010, he has pulled off consecutive playoff appearances and placed in the top four each year. At Lehigh, the Iceman had the pleasure of playing hockey with the G-Man and Matty D, or as you may know them: “Knowledge” and the “Truth”. When not researching fantasy football, the Iceman watches nearly every New Jersey Devils game. He’s been a die hard fan since he was 10 and got to see them win their third Stanley Cup in 2003 against the Ducks. He looks forward to serving your every fantasy football need.

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