Matty D


Matty D is a sports fanatic born and raised just outside of Philadelphia. He hails from Great Valley High School and graduated from Lehigh University. While he may be a Main Line child, he has Philly at heart with a passion for all things Orange & Black and Kelly Green, and loves Citizen’s Bank and Sam Hinkie. Plus he has a burning hatred for the Cowboys, Penguins, and all New York teams. A hockey player and avid golfer, Matty D brings a youthful eye to the world of sports but has respect for those who came before him. As a co-founder of the Thunderblog and a member of its predecessor, the Thunderdome on Lehigh’s 91.3 WLVR, he specializes in all things football, basketball, and of course beer. Along with being a Philadelphia fan, Matty D is a Michigan fanatic, has a man-crush on Tom Brady, and follows Marquette basketball. Catch him on the links of Chester Valley or jogging/skiing the trails of Pennsylvania, and the “Truth” will fill you in on what you need to know about sports.

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