Hailing from the better side of the Commonwealth, ‘09 graduate of South Allegheny High School (Liberty Boro, PA) and the Steel City or City of Champions; whatever you would like to refer to the City of Bridge’s, Pittsburgh as, Jarred S. Barnes, the “Senior EP” is a recent Bachelor of Arts at Lehigh University in Political Science (Bethlehem, PA 2013). Barnes joined the Knowledge and the Truth in the fall of 2012 for a limited run of shows and with the ‘Barnes-Bump’ in ratings, was asked to become a co-host in the spring of 2013. The guru of racing/NASCAR, is a rabid fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins (unlike his other co-hosts and their Fly Boys), the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs, Curling, Cards Against Humanity and all things Lehigh Club Baseball: Barnes has a wealth of sports/not really important knowledge. You want a nickname or who they athlete’s father was, The EP got you.

El Presidente Numero Uno, as bestowed by G-Man and Matty D started their reign of excellence in the fall of 2009 at Lehigh. Their paths crossed many times in their educational careers, Connell even playing some third base for Barnes on the Club Baseball Team (DeStefano, surprisingly absent…) the men hit their stride when they asked to be a part of the Senior Class Gift Committee for the Class of 2013, in which Barnes was the President for two years starting in 2011 and continuing today. Like the sports world, Lehigh was never the same.

Barnes an avid golfer, ahem ‘Hacker’ is a 1-1 Matty D in golf. A shellacking of him on a real course and the Truths win over The EP on a mini-golf course, 86 holes no less. The G-Man has never faced Barnes, do to unforeseen circumstances and frankly rumors that Barnes is scared to lose that badly.

Barnes is currently holding down the fort at Lehigh as the Graduate Assistant for the Campus Athletics branch of Lehigh Athletics and is a current graduate student, MA Political Science, which he hopes to complete by the end of summer 2014. He is a current United Nations Youth Representative for the NGO, Triglav Circle and in talks to get the Thunderdome as an internationally known and syndicated radio program. A mentor, a friend, a jack-of-all trades and helper to all, The EP hopes to roll out his own corner, maybe better than Don Cherry’s very soon. Stay tuned Domers…


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