G-Man was born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, PA but is product of Berkshire School (Sheffield, MA) and Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA) holding a degree in Statistics. While at Berkshire, he co-hosted the now legendary, two-time “Best Late Radio Show Award” winning “JJ and the G-Man Rockin’ the Nite” and then transitioned to 91.3 WLVR when he came to Lehigh. There, the dangerous duo began their reign; the Thunderdome began. Executively led by a man historians may call “El Numero Uno Presidente,” JSB, this show took the airways of Lehigh by storm. G-Man played hockey for the Mountain Hawks with Matty D and the Iceman. He also played for JSB’s baseball team at Lehigh, sporting an impressive 0 for 0 (1 walk) career. Since graduation, GW, as Matty D calls him, has turned his attention to the golf course. G-Man also had the experience interning in Lehigh Sports’ Media Department as well as working for ESPN Radio of the Lehigh Valley as a Producer. Specializing in hockeyfootball, baseball, golf, and the athletics of Lehigh University, the “Knowledge” always delivers the best sporting knowledge for your pleasure.

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