At Kickoff

A New Mini Series for the Thunderblog, At Kickoff is a brief but engaging lightning fast read to get you thinking during the game.

In one sentence, worst case scenario for each team in the NFL

Week 17 NFC Playoff Picture By The G-Man’s Numbers

Numbers Never Lie: Take Two! You can check out the AFC Playoff Picture right here Probabilities are here again! Last week in the NFL was wild and this final week of the regular season could be just as crazy. There are a ton of different scenarios in the AFC, let’s get to it! Quick Reminder…


Week 16 NFC Playoff Picture By The G-Man’s Numbers

Well I didn’t write this on Friday but it’s still up before the games start, so that’s good I guess. In case you missed the AFC Post: You have noticed the Playoff Conditions I’ve been giving Matty D every week. Well this week, I decided to take it to a new level: probabilities.┬áNow I’m taking…