The Wichita Comet

I wasn’t alive in 1988 and I don’t really remember him playing, but the one memory I have is watching eleven of my Eagles chasing him down the Vet’s field on a bitterly cold November day in the mid-90s. I was very young when my father took me to watch the Eagles battle the Lions. I only remember two things, it was goddamn cold and Barry Sanders.

Bowl Season: Cotton Bowl

Bowl Season Continues On: Boomer Sooner. None of us picked the Sooners to defeat Alabama but Bob Stoops backed up his jabs at the SEC. So here are the standings through January 2nd, 2014: 1) Matty D: 18 – 12 2) G-Man: 17 – 13 T3) Ariel Glassberg, Jake Goldberg, and JSB: 16 – 14…