Matty D’s 1st Round Draft Analysis

Matty D gives you his immediate breakdown for the critical 2019 NFL Draft’s Round 1 that included all kinds of intrigue and shocking moments!


Matty D’s 2017 Week 4 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

Due to scheduling difficulties, the Cold Hard Locks will appear in old school, hard copy form today. Week 4 looks to be a big one with teams looking to solidfy themselves at the top of the standings while others scrap just to simply stay relevant. A new edition to the Cold Hard Locks is the spread and so pay attention cause it spices things up. You know what else spices things up? Jake “the GOAT” Elliot sinking the Giants below the hapless Jets in win totals with a 61-yard BOOM TOWER as time expires. GO BIRDS!

Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 15 Edition

Matt disappeared in the middle of last week only to send a vague snapchat Saturday afternoon in front of the Penn State Nittany Lion statue before reappearing in the Philadelphia suburbs Sunday afternoon. He sent a jumbled text Friday morning that was supposed to be his picks so I’ve done my best to decipher them. Will it be enough to beat the G-Man?

Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 14 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. We tied last week which I guess got Matt too flustered to write the LOCKS this weeks. Before we jump into the picks, let’s recap the scoring: We tied Week 13 at 9-6, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 8-2-3 (Clinched 2016) G-Man Overall: 121-71 Matty D Overall: 109-83 Week 14 Cold Hard FAILS By now you’ve seen the…