NEW POD: Stanley Cup Semifinals Preview

Greg, Mark, and I break down the final four of hockey. The Islanders vs the Lightning. The Golden Knights vs the Canadiens. I kick off the show talking about Game 2 of the Lightning/Isles series as the rest of the show was recorded before that game. We then let Greg and Mark mourn the Bruins before diving deep into each series. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode!


2 thoughts on “NEW POD: Stanley Cup Semifinals Preview

  1. Come on guys, blogging about the NHL playoffs when the flyers arent in it? And still NO Sixers blog from last night?? What is the point of this blog, it’s like an inflight magazine on best stuff to do in national parks.


  2. I don’t know what’s worse, this blog or Ben Simmons free throw percentage. I mean I played jv ball bishop O’hare and still wouldnt miss that many free throws. I mean nobody cares about hockey unless they live in Canada or Minnesota. You gotta be pretty drunk to enjoy Canada. Ben Simmons is a total clown. The baby him and it shows. If jimmy butler was here. Championship team. Or jrue holiday. The sixers never should have let him go. I mean the bucks are showing heart tonight. Nets or bucks will curb stomp the hawks here’s a challenge. Drink 6 delco lagers and see if you can shot a higher free throw percentage than Ben. Post on this blog if you can. Fucking loser


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