NEW POD: NFL Week 6 Picks with Pilot SZN’s Mike Clark

Matty D and I are back to break down another weekend of football action ahead. We look at what should be a packed college slate in a final prelude before the Big Ten returns in a week. Weare then joined by Mike Clark, host of the Pilot SZN Podcast, as the guest picker for the pick’em segment. We go through every single NFL game with Mike and pick accordingly. We wrap things up looking at the other storylines to keep an eye for this weekend in football. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode!


2 thoughts on “NEW POD: NFL Week 6 Picks with Pilot SZN’s Mike Clark

  1. As a big fan of the Mac conference I love the thunderblog It’s one of the few sports blogs that covers Maction!! Where else can you insightful commentary on the Akron zips. The Mac conference is highly under rated. I’m so excited for November 4th when the conference returns to maction. I’m really stoked for Akron. I think they got a good chance to make a run at 8 wins Thunder blog should really focus a podcast on mac previews.


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