NEW POD: MLB IS BACK – 2020 Season Preview

That’s right! Baseball is back! Greg and I break down all 30 teams for the 60 game 2020 season. We go from the West Divisions to the East looking at the big stories and acquisitions various teams have made both in the season and during “summer camp.” It’s a MEGA POD so buckle up for long, but fun conversation and make sure you let us know what type of segments and coverage you want to see on the podcast in this shortened year. It is a short season, we’re going to try to bring some more unique coverage! Make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode! Most importantly, GO PHILLIES!


One thought on “NEW POD: MLB IS BACK – 2020 Season Preview

  1. Serious question, not just rippin you guys but why not make this a philly centric podcast talking about in -depth philly issues instead of a high level overview of all 30 teams, just skimming the surface. Do I really care about you guys opening up about the Diamondbacks when the Phillies don’t even play them in 2020. This would be like a travel blog where were going to talk about all 195 countries in the world. Enjoy the pod just wish it were more philly-focused but I guess you guys dont want to be just like a 975 the fanatic or WIP


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