NEW POD! Baseball Schedule, Hockey Dates, BBall Bubbles, Mahomes, and Bryson

Matt DeStefano and I break down A LOT of news from the sports world. MLB dropped its schedule and camps opened up. The NHL unveiled their Return to Play Phase 3 and 4 Dates. The NBA’s return continues to show wrinkles and we break down the Sixers’ schedule. Patrick Mahomes signed a mega deal and Bryson Dechambeau won last week but freaked out at a camera man. Make sure you listen to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode!


15 thoughts on “NEW POD! Baseball Schedule, Hockey Dates, BBall Bubbles, Mahomes, and Bryson

  1. Hey every time on the podcast someone says “I’m really excited about this” you drink. Calling it in the Thunder Blog power hour. Don’t recommend shots unless you want to get blackout drunk. Looking forward to the next podcast fellas.

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      • Love the idea. If you do this gotta be drinking a philly beer. Craft brewers generate most of their revenue from restaurants and bars. Covid is destroying craft beer Thinking Dock Street brewery


      • Yeah Philly beeral the way…I personally Love 2SP Brewing Co. Delco represent baby! Real salt of the Earth people, I’ll take Delco peeps over stuck up main liners any day a the week yo!


  2. The other night my nipples were really sore, got into a hot tub, poured a glass of port, and let the gman take me away, love the pod.


  3. Hey fellas long time listener and first time poster Love listening to the podcast when I garden down at the shore. Too many people coming and not wearing masks. Looking forward to the fighting Phil’s finally playing some ball Love the didi and wheeler signings. Two under the radar signings are Neil walker and Liriano I’m thinking this is the year the Phillies manage a championship run. Joe Giradi is a great manager. I mean his got the pedigree What are your thoughts on

    1. Bryce Harper winning a mvp
    2. Phillies going 45-15
    3. Winning the World Series

    Also if you go to the shore. Wear a mask. Give a shout out to your listeners to do that Looking forward to your Phils preseason Podcast @John M I’m big jersey brewery guy so you should check out beach haus brewery in Belmar


    • Yeah I agree with you on the masks bro, everyone’s gotta wear em, so your part to flatten the curve so we can all get back out there! I actually was on a bumble date the other night and we were both wearin our masks for so long, I actually made a move on my couch, and we both started makin out, but we realize, still have our masks on! It was like hannibal lecter or some shit, I call it “Lecterin!”


      • @Paul H, wow you’re making some dangerous assumptions there I think. Bryce will be lucky to hit above the Mendoza line and maybe get 15 dingers, certainly not mvp numbers. I mean, I love the guy, love the hustle hes good in the field l, but the Phil’s didnt pay 330 mil “for a philly tough guy” who likes to dive for balls in the outfiled. As far as winning the series, let’s start with beating a young, dynamic and offensively explosive Braves team, and a Nats team that came back with a vengeance last year. Only good thing about this year is the Phil’s have 60 games, so they can ride Nola and Wheeler hard this year.


  4. What are you talking ?? Phils lost Andrew. And Herrera was a bum. I expect a bounce back year from Andrew. And Bryce will bikes back. The Phils pitchers are going be stronger. Plus with giradi. Phils win the division. They do, cape may beers should be bought to celebrate by you me anonymous. G-Man and Matty D both agree with me


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