Matty D’s 2019 Week 8 Cold Hard Locks

Week 8 Cold Hard Locks

We are at the half way point of the 2019 season which is incredible to think about just how fast its gone. Clear divides are forming and surprise teams have come to the forefront while disappointments (see Eagles) are looking to right the ship and grind back into the playoff discussion.

Opening Slate

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons (E)

Is Dan Quinn a dead man walking at this point? The Falcons are lifeless and the Matt Ryan injury is not good. The Seahawks are coming off a tough loss at home and need to stay within striking distance of the 49ers. Russell Wilson gets the Hawks back on track.

Seahawks over Falcons – 31 to 24

Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills (-1.5)

The line tells me everything. Even after two bad losses, the experts in Vegas know Philly’s talents have to shine through. It’s a hard fought matchup but the difference is Carson Wentz vs Josh Allen. Wentz is better and Allen has less weapons than a frustrating but talented Eagles skill position group.

Eagles over Bills – 20 to 17

Los Angeles Chargers at Chicago Bears (-3.5)

I’m tempted to take the Chargers because they have to be better right? There is so much talent. But they stink on the road and the Bears are looking for a big bounce back game especially from a defense that has been torched the last few weeks. The Chargers offensive line is no match for Khalil Mack and Co.

Bears over Chargers – 24 to 20

New York Giants at Detroit Lions (-6.5)

The Lions are the best team in last place of their division. This team can play and will be a tough out the rest of the way. The Giants got exposed by the Cardinals last weekend and not even Saquon Barkley can save them. Also who is gonna cover Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones?

Lions over Giants – 38 to 17

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans (-2.5)

This is an ugly matchup that 5 years ago looked like a great quarterback duel. Jameis Winston has under-delivered and Marcus Mariota is a shell of himself who will be stuck on the bench. But I really like the energy and grit Mike Vrabel gets his guys to play with in an ugly affair.

Titans over Buccaneers – 16 to 13

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts (-5.5)

I am impressed with this spunky Colts squad and the underrated play of Jacoby Brissett. What a hugely successful trade that brain trust made two years ago. Denver is the most vanilla team in the league although I do love the emerging Courtland Sutton. A great offensive line and running game lead the Colts to another important win.

Colts over Broncos – 28 to 17

Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams (-13.5)

This London game is not bringing the fireworks the NFL hoped for as they stretch internationally. The Bengals are just plain bad and I hope they pull a fire sale sooner than later. Free AJ Green! What a great way for the Rams to continue to bounce back from their early season struggles.

Rams over Bengals – 35 to 20

Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints (-10.5)

I am a believer in what Kingsbury and Murray are doing in the desert. But they aren’t ready to dance with the big boys just yet. Brees or no Brees, Kamara or no Kamara, the Saints may be the best team in the NFC.

Saints over Cardinals – 30 to 17

New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars (-6)

Sam Darnold is still seeing ghosts. Yikes that looked so bad on Monday night. The Jaguars meanwhile keep quietly treading water in a packed divisional race. I like them here at home, especially with that opportunistic defense that no longer has the Jalen Ramsey sage hanging over them. Jets fans should continue to run for cover.

Jaguars over Jets – 23 to 9

4 O’Clock Showdowns

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers (-5.5)

Thanks to Mahomes’ injury souring the Sunday Night game, this suddenly important matchup becomes the game of the week. The 49ers story is well told by now and they are legit with that great running back stable and unstoppable defensive line. But the Panthers and MVP frontrunner, in my opinion, Christian McCaffrey have been on a hot streak themselves. Young Kyle Allen has also held their own. It’s hard to go undefeated and while I believe in San Fran, I love the upset here. Cam should be very concerned about his position on this team.

Panthers over 49ers – 27 to 24

Cleveland Browns at New England Patriots (-13)

Could the Browns revitalize their season with a statement underdog win? No, they can’t. The Patriots have the best defense in football that is inching closer to having statistics to match the likes of the ’85 Bears. The offense continues to scuffle which should make the league nervous because Brady will figure it out and they will get healthier. What I would do for a dynasty like this one in Philly. Trust the Process.

Patriots over Browns – 28 to 16

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans (-7)

The Raiders are playing meaningful football in October! Look, this team is better than we expected and I like the way Gruden and Mayock has this franchise heading as they gear up for the Vegas move. But the Texans, even with their truckload of injuries, are a top-tier AFC team. Imagine how scary Houston would be if they had made a serious run at Le’Veon Bell this past offseason…

Texans over Raiders – 27 to 20

Sunday Night Football

Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs (+4)

The air burst on this balloon when Mahomes broke his knee cap. The Chiefs played spirited defense and utilized their Sonic the Hedgehog Tyreek Hill but that was against Denver. Aaron Rodgers is too much and this is Arrowhead in October not December. The Packers are the least talked about 1-lose team in the game and are scarier each week.

Packers over Chiefs – 35 to 17

Monday Night Football

Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers (-14)

This is the worst Primetime slate I’ve seen in a while. How did the Dolphins, who everyone knew would be horrible this year, get a Monday Night game? It’s a travesty. The Steelers, with either a second- or third-stringer at quarterback have a two touchdown line. Sad times for Miami who could shed more talent before next week’s trade deadline.

Steelers over Dolphins – 17 to 10


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