Matty D’s 2019 Week 1 NFL Cold Hard Locks

Week 3 Cold Hard Locks

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars

Okay now its time to officially panic. Being 0-3 is really not good and 1-2 may be rough depending on those ahead of you. I still think Week 4 is Separation Sunday but its best not to take any chances and have your franchise in a must-win situation so early in the season. Injuries are piling up across the league and depth is being tested. Will you have a magical or moppy Sunday? Let’s find out!

Opening Slate

 Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills (-6)

Can the Bills really go 3-0? What a story that would be albeit they aren’t playing powerhouse teams yet. I do like what Buffalo has cooking and the Bengals appear to be a team in need of direction. They can throw the ball all over the yard but their defense hasn’t been up to the task. I think this one is close and the Bengals cover but the Bills pull out the win and stay undefeated.

Bills over Bengals – 20 to 17

Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys (-21.5)

I just gonna say it, this is a sucker’s line. The Cowboys will beat the Dolphins. But Miami has professionals on that roster still and they are tired of being embarrassed. The spread is covered but the Cowboys continue their strong start in Big D.

Cowboys over Dolphins – 24 to 9

Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers (-8)

So Denver has a little offense huh? The return of Emmanuel Sanders helped and he could make great trade bait if the Broncos continue to freefall. Plus this team doesn’t have a sack yet which is wild considering the Miller-Chubb tandem. The Packers on the other hand have been led by that stingy defense while the offense still works out some kinks. This doesn’t bode well for Denver and Aaron Rodgers gets it done.

Packers over Broncos – 31 to 17

 Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts (-1.5)

 You can see the respect Vegas has for this gritty Colts team as they are still the favorite here. I know they are at home and I do like this roster. I just like the Falcons better. Picked them to make the playoffs this year and now there is a clear path to a divisional title with Drew Brees’ injury. Matt Ryan goes to Julio Jones and emerging star Calvin Ridley just enough to get the road win.

Falcons over Colts – 20 to 17

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5) 

I’ve had this game circled for a while as the game’s two most exciting and productive quarterbacks (outside of Minshew!) butt heads at Arrowhead. Lamar Jackson is silencing critics but he is not Patrick Mahomes. The Ravens get a serving of humble pie in this one.

Chiefs over Ravens – 38 to 24

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings (-9)

Bloodbath. The Raiders may be without Tyrell Williams and Josh Jacobs is nursing an injury. The Vikings meanwhile have to keep pace with the Packers after their loss to Green Bay last week and are looking forward to shutting down an undermanned Raiders squad. These are the games where Kirk Cousins shines.

Vikings over Raiders – 27 to 13 

New York Jets at New England Patriots (-23) 

The Jets are starting Luke Faulk. The Patriots are starting Tom Brady.

Patriots over Jets – 31 to 6 

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5)

I’m nervous as hell on this one with so many Eagles injured and the Lions are a tough out. Their wide receivers may feast on our secondary, especially Kenny Golladay who they call mini-Megatron. But Philly gets its dynamic running game going and the pass rush led by Fletcher Cox makes the difference in a tight battle. 

Eagles over Lions – 20 to 17


4 O’Clock Showdowns

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals (-2.5)

Cam Newton is injured again. Tough break but that’s what happens when you literally run your franchise QB into the ground. McCaffrey can only do some much. This is good news for the Cardinals though and Kyler Murray has looked fun to start the year.

Cardinals over Panthers – 17 to 13

New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6.5)

 Daniel Jones now makes me wanna tune into this one. The future is now in the Big Apple and I like this upset pick a lot as Famous Jameis tends to give other teams points.

Giants over Buccaneers – 20 to 13

Houston Texans at Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5)

What happened to the Chargers last week? 10 points against the Lions? Strange for sure as I still think this team has a real shot at going all the way. This is a heavyweight bout as both squads feel like they can make the case for second place in the conference behind the Patriots. I think the Chargers, at home, get this back on track.

Chargers over Texans – 31 to 27

Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers (-6.5)

The Upside Down strikes again. In one corner are the winless Pittsburgh Steelers and Mason Rudolph. In the other corners is the undefeated 49ers and Jimmy G. I really like the Niners this year with that improved defensive line and a healthy QB with intriguing weapons around him. I came really close to taking the Steelers with an unknown but talented QB and a defense that is looking to flip the script. But on the road, the Steelers stay winless.

49ers over Steelers – 20 to 13

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (-4)

This could have been a hell of a game but Brees’ injury put a damper on that. I am a believer in Teddy Bridgewater and I think he’ll do enough to keep the Saints in the hunt until Brees is back but against Seattle IN Seattle, yeah no.

Seahawks over Saints – 24 to 20


Sunday Night Football

Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns (+3)

My upset of the week! The Rams come in undefeated and looking like they’ve picked it up where they left off last year. Cooper Kupp has been a revelation for the Rams and Malcolm Brown has been a good change of pace to keep Gurley fresh. But the Browns are back at the Dog Pound and dying to show their loyal fans they are ready to take the next step. Forget the offense, this Browns defense is legit. They have pass rushers and cover guys and are hungry. Browns pull off the upset and ignite the football world.

Browns over Rams – 23 to 20


Monday Night Football 

Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins (+4.5)

How did this seriously get picked as the Monday Night game? Can Dwayne Haskins at least start for Washington? The Bears are in need to this type of game to work on getting the offense back on track and stay in the NFC North race.

Bears over Redskins – 27 to 12


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