Playoff Hockey Roundup: 2nd Round Preview

A quick background: Because of the timing between the end of the first round and the start of the second as well as Greg and myself having limited availability to record our second round podcast, we will be recording the Blue Line Icing Second Round Preview on Sunday. We did want to get you our picks before the action gets underway, however.

Quick Thoughts on the First Round:

Columbus sweeps Tampa Bay–Holy shit. Sergei Bobrovski stood on his head and CBJ’s stars lined up while Tampa’s big guns disappeared. Most of us thought this could really happen, especially in the form of a sweep. Greg and I were convinced Tampa would waltz through this round and await the Bruins/Leafs winner while Jarred had a gut feeling but even he thought Columbus would need seven games.

Boston edges Toronto in 7–This series lived up to all the hype. Haymakers thrown left and right. Kadri’s suspension. Crazy goalie interference calls. Ultimately, the Bruins overcame the 2-3 deficit and won Game 7 easily thanks to solid goaltending from Tuuka Rask. All three of us had this one called correctly.

Carolina beats Washington in 7–WHAT A BUNCH JERKS! The Canes figured out how to match Washington’s high-powered offense and managed to not roll over and die after getting their wheels blown off in Game 5. We all had Washington.

Islanders sweep Pittsburgh–Another one none of us saw coming. The Islanders slowed down Crosby and crew and played a solid defensive series supported by outstanding net play from Lehner. All three of us had this DEAD WRONG.

Dallas beats Nashville in 6–Nashville had been pretty cold coming into the series but Dallas put everything together after hitting some bumps throughout the season. Ben Bishop looks great and the Stars kept rolling. We all had Nashville, though.

St. Louis takes down Winnipeg in 6–The Jets just didn’t have it this year especially against maybe the hottest team in 2019. The Blues and their rookie goalie will look to stay that white hot in Round 2. Jarred and I had STL while Greg took Winnipeg.

Colorado takes down Calgary in 5–We all picked the Flames. Jarred and I had them winning the West. What we forgot about was the immense firepower that the Avs’ first line has. Colorado’s stars shined bright while Calgary’s didn’t even show up.

San Jose edges Vegas in 7–Even with the controversial 5 minute major, the Sharks defied all odds coming back from a 1-3 deficit and 0-3 in Game 7 to snatch this series from Vegas. The Knights tried to keep their depth rolling but the Sharks’ vets outplayed them. Bravo. We all had Vegas.

Jarred leads through one round having gotten 3 series right, I’m in second with only 2 correct picks, and Greg only managed to get his Bruins victory correct. I’m the only one with a finalist left with the Bruins as my champ. I came up with point system to bring our predictions in terms of games into play and the placements are the same, but the differences get a little more distinguished. I’ll explain on the pod Sunday.

Round 2 Picks

(Jarred emailed me his reasoning so I’ll be quoting him after his picks)

Columbus vs. Boston

Greg and I are both taking the Bruins in 6. CBJ proved that they’ve come together and can take on anyone but the Bruins still show so much depth. If Rask plays like he did at the end of the Toronto series, it could end quicker than six games.

Jarred’s taking the Blue Jackets in 6. “Columbus is riding high and with the Robert Kraft stuff looming and Bob stays hot I say Columbus in 6”

Carolina vs. NY Islanders

We’re all taking Carolina here probably for similar reasons. While both teams have really come together, Carolina has shown that they can win the defensive game as well as the run-n-gun, suiting themselves them for the Isles. Greg has them winning 7, Jarred and I in 6.

Jarred: “The Jerks will beat the Semen, I mean Seamen in 6 games”

Dallas vs. St. Louis

We’re taking the Blues. It’s not tough to see why. They’re the hottest team in hockey and should keep that rolling. Greg has them in 5, Jarred in 6, and I have them in 7 because of how well the Stars played in round one, specifically Ben Bishop.

Jarred: “I think Dallas is out matched here, it will be a bloody series via hits and what not so I say Blues in 6.”

Colorado vs. San Jose

Long time Thunderfaithful will know how much I enjoy writing/saying CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP in my blogs/podcasts. Greg and Jarred are hopping on to say it now in Round 2 and I’m still apprehensive towards them. San Jose put together a miracle run against Vegas thanks to their big names but now faces possibly the best line in hockey. I’m taking the Avs in 6. They squeak out a win at the Shark Tank and remain untouchable at home. Greg has the Sharks in 6.

Jarred: “Since blood was spilled and the Sharks smelled it they Sharks in 5, Standing next to a Mountain, Chop it down with a wave of My hand.” Thanks Jimmy”

So there you have it. Just under the wire before the Jackets and Bruins kick things off Thursday. Tune Monday morning when our Second Round pod drops and we talk about how wrong we probably are.

Disagree with our picks? Let us know in the comments!


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