Nightly Roundup: Championship Week Friday

Welcome back to the Nightly Roundup! Upsets occurring, bubbles bursting, and ticket punching. Friday was a wild way to open up Championship Weekend. Let’s get to it:

ACC Tournament Semifinals:

Analysis: These two games went the way they should have and I wouldn’t think the result of tomorrow would change too much seeding-wise. UVA should be a 1-Seed while UNC should be a 2-Seed but even if UNC wins, I’d expect those both to stick. It really depends on if the committee would want two ACC teams or two Big East teams with 1-Seeds. A quick aside, Dirty Grayson Allen is back!

Big East Tournament Semifinals:

Analysis: Nova’s 1-Seed is pretty much a lock at this point. As mentioned above, a UNC win could flip the Tar Heels and Xavier with 1 & 2 seeds. A Providence win helps them climb the seeding ladder.

Big XII Tournament Semifinals:

Analysis: West Virginia/Texas Tech was the biggest seeding matchup for the NCAA Tournament as both are teetering on the 4-seed edge. A WVU Championship could help them continue to climb the ladder, but Kansas has definitely earned their 1-Seed in the Big Dance.

Pac-12 Tournament Semifinals:

Analysis: Zona was definitely supposed to beat UCLA, but the win could have taken UCLA out of the bubble conversation. USC’s win pretty much takes them out of bubble talk. However, if the Trojans get blown out by Arizona in final, USC drops right back into those talks.

SEC Tournament Quarterfinals:

Analysis: Alabama has absolutely punched their ticket to Tournament with the win over Auburn and the Tide’s Collin Sexton is becoming a household name. I’d expect Kentucky and Tennessee to win today and maybe make a small push upward in seeding. UK is a 5-Seed while TENN is a 3-Seed currently on Joe Lunardi’s projection. A Bama or Arkansas win will ABSOLUTELY push them higher up.

Keep An Eye On:

The Mountain West Conference–with Nevada losing last night, the bubble is shrinking! The sad thing is that Middle Tennessee has been shoved towards the “outside looking in” category with the constant bubble shrinkage. Also, watch out for the Memphis/Cincy game. Cincinnati is a MASSIVE favorite but on the off-chance that Memphis wins today and then the AAC Championship tomorrow, another bubble will burst.

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