The End of Winter

It has been a while for the Beer Corner and I take full responsibility for that. But I have returned and have a great beer to introduce for y’all. The Neshaminy Creek Brewing’s The Shape of Hops to Come is an excellent choice to close out the winter season!

Manchester United beat Liverpool and a TV analyst spits on a young girl: Premier league top 3 round up

Manchester United vs Liverpool In this game, we have one of the greatest rivalries of all sports – the Manchester United Red Devils against the Liverpool Reds. The level of passion for this rivalry doesn’t stop once players leave the teams. After this weekend’s game, Jamie Carragher (a career Liverpool player and analyst for Sky…


Premier League Top 3 + Arsenal Round Up: March 5

Manchester City Another day, another stellar performance from Manchester City. This was, on paper, not an easy match-up for City. Playing the current Premier League Champions should always have challenges. But Manchester City won this game against Chelsea on reputation alone. Many teams try to find develop own playing style, elements of which they will…