NEW POD: Hockey and Hoops Hour – February 21st, 2018

Greg Piatelli and I break down a jam-packed week in the sports world. Topics include NBA predictions (3:32), March Madness preview (32:02), PGA Tour and Tiger Woods Update (43:57), NHL Predictions (56:41), Olympic Hockey thoughts (1:10:58). and Spring Training Talk (1:26:01).

Also, need to shout out the USA Women’s Hockey for their HUGE win over Canada in the Gold Medal game! I recorded the intro to the pod as the puck was dropping so Greg and I old-men-yelling-at-cloud schtick towards USA Hockey seems to have worked the juju the right way–we’re big juju guys. I’m not the biggest fan of shootouts, especially in elimination games, but it was pretty exciting at least. Something for the IOC to consider going forward I guess but you can’t take anything away from Jocelyne Lamoureux.

Also, Vegas continuing to kill the social media game:

Congrats again USA Hockey!

(cover photo via)


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