New Podcast: The Thunderblog Hockey and Hoops Hour

A working title for these interluding episodes before ‘The Bullpen Cart’ comes back in full swing (stay tuned for Divisional Previews).

Matty D and I break down a jam-packed week of sports. Topics include NHL talk & trade theories (3:46), Olympic Update (23:08), NBA All-Star Talk & Surprising Teams (38:00), and 2018 PGA Stories to Watch & Tiger Woods Watch (1:03:17).

2018 Movie List:

Since technically, this is February 15th’s ‘Nightly Roundup,’ I figured I’ll introduce a new idea for the Thunderblog: my 2018 Movie Rankings! I saw Black Panther last night (don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything in this blog) and decided to rank each movie I see in theaters this year. My initial thought is that I’ll need to rewatch all of them in December to potentially edit the list, but I’m excited about how much fun this should be.


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