I Still Can’t Believe the Eagles are SUPER BOWL CHAMPS

So it has been a little 24 hours since the Eagles won the Super Bowl over the Patriots. Big Dick Nick Foles is the Super Bowl MVP. The streets of Philadelphia were CHAOTIC last night. I broke my phone before the game even started–ending my night on social media. Matty D WAS THERE and we’ll be there Thursday for the Parade.

I still can’t believe it. Last night still feels like a dream. WORLD FUCKING CHAMPS. I’ve done basically nothing today but watch highlights–and buying a new phone. Philadelphia¬†finally has all four major titles and the Super Bowl had been alluding the city for 51 years–57 if you include the years since the last NFL Championship.

Beating the Patriots was the perfect way to finally capture the Lombardi trophy–poetic even. You might have heard that the Patriots beat the Birds in Super Bowl XXXIX 15 years ago. You may be familiar with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady’s resumes–five rings, the G.O.A.T QB, and head coach. Brady tosses for over 500 yards against one of the defenses in the NFL. Probably the greatest tight end ever, Rob Gronkowski, catches two of Brady’s three TD passes. The Eagles defense bent, but it didn’t break, it BARKED back when it needed to.

The Eagles’ offense stepped up for the ENTIRE. GAME. Haymaker after haymaker. Probably the most improbable storyline from the game. Obviously, the Foles touchdown catch will live on in Philadelphia history FOREVER. Doug Pederson called a perfect game and Nick Foles and crew made sure not to fail their head coach. I hope that every Coach of the Year voter who didn’t cast their vote for Doug (all but one smart person) regret it.

If you read my blog from last Friday recounting the night the Phillies won the World Series, you might have guessed that I missed the parade down Broad Street. There is nothing in the world that would make me miss the Eagles Parade on Thursday. I’ll see you all there.


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