Final Thoughts on 2017

Hey Everyone,

2017 has been a great year for us here at The Thunderblog. We started a podcast (GO SUBSCRIBEand have been able to use it to cover both the baseball and football seasons in their entirety, well for the most part. Obviously, there were going to be some holes in the coverage given the size of the operation I’m running here. We also got a sponsor, something I’ve wanted to do for years since starting this site. I honestly thought it may never happen given the difficulty of juggling my actual day job and writing/podcasting for this site, but we were able to make it happen. We even hosted a golf tournament!

In 2018, I hope to extend our reach on both baseball and football as well as some more coverage on hockey and basketball. We’ve usually touched on these sports at the end of podcasts but I’m hoping that we can have full pods covering these along with the usual coverage you’ve become accustomed to with The Bullpen Cart (again GO SUBSCRIBE on iTunes) If there is anything else you’d love to see us talk about, or anything you’d like to contribute, please let me know in the comments or shoot me a DM.

The real reason for writing this today wasn’t just to give you an idea of how I want to make my content bigger and better in the new year, but to thank you all for your support. Writing this site has been all I’ve really thought about for about four years and being able to FINALLY start the podcast for it is a dream come true. I wouldn’t have able to do that without you guys. Some of you pushed me to do it instead of just talking about it. Some of you gave necessary criticisms. Some of you simply listened and let me know you were checking it out. Some of you even hopped on to do an episode with me when Matty D wasn’t available. And one of you even redesigned the logo for the pod and made it look so much more professional than the original one I made on Microsoft Paint. No matter what level of support you’ve given me, the fact that you have means the world to me. I hope you continue to support us in 2018 and can spread the word to your friends and family who may enjoy it. Thanks again for being the best and here’s to an awesome 2018!

-Geordie Connell aka “The G-Man”

PS–I originally meant to write a New Year’s Day Funvee Tailgate BLOG but felt the need to write this note more. In its stead: here are who Matty D and I picked on yesterday’s podcast if you haven’t listened:

Outback Bowl: Michigan (-7.5) vs. South Carolina–We both took Michigan to win and cover, likely biasedly

Peach Bowl: #12 UCF (+9.5) vs. #7 Auburn–We both took Auburn to win and cover

Citrus Bowl: #14 Notre Dame (+3) vs. #17 LSU–We both took LSU to win and cover

Rose Bowl Game–CFP Semi #1: #3 Georgia (-2.5) vs. #2 Oklahoma–Matty D took UGA to win and cover while I took Boomer Sooner outright

Sugar Bowl–CFP Semi #2: #4 Alabama (-3) vs. #1 Clemson–We both took Bama to win and cover

Again, thanks, everyone! Let me know what else you’d like to see from us in 2018!


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