The Funvee Tailgate Podcast: 51st Episode Spectacular!

Matty D and I recorded a rare in-person podcast last night! The two of us went to the Sixers game and saw the opportunity to record face-to-face. We thought that it was going to be the 50th podcast in The Bullpen Cart feed (GO SUBSCRIBE) but we realized seconds before starting that this was the 51st episode–classic Thunderblog Boys.

Anyway, here’s what Matty D and I talked about:

  • Our thoughts on the College Football Playoff Final Four (0:00 – 16:00)
  • Tiger Woods’ return & Rickie Fowler’s dominant Sunday at The World Hero Challenge (16:00 – 25:05)
  • NFL Week 14 picks in this week’s Cold Hard Locks (25:05 – 49:05)
  • Sixers Basketball Talk (49:05 to 53:05)

As promised on the pod, here is the link to register for the 2018 PGA season at SportsGeek Fantasy. Like I said on the pod, it is “Daily Fantasy. All season long.” Be sure to join to compete against Matty D and me. Matt’s a newbie as well so you’ll probably kick his ass.

We’ll be heading to the new Yards facility on Saturday afternoon before going to EP Jerry’s Ugly Sweater party. We may or may not try to do a pod that day so be sure to stay tuned!



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