The Bullpen Cart Podcast: MLB Wild Card and Division Series Preview


Greg “The Prophet” Piatelli and I look at the Wild Card Games and the Division Series and give our “expert” picks on them. We also quickly look ahead to the League Championship Series and the World Series. We did record this during the Yankees’ win over the Twins so we also gave live updates as the pod went on.

Gut reaction to last night’s game: Both of us were right: the Yankees offense could match whatever the Twins’ offense could put up. The one thing we both alluded to was the NYY bullpen but neither of us saw the type of dominance we saw last night. The Yankees’ bullpen could help to squeak out one game against Cleveland, but it’s really hard to believe you could put multiple high-bullpen-usage games in a five-game series. Cleveland still easily wins this one.

We’ll be back to preview the AL and NL Championship Series at some point next week–that date is TBD by how the Division Series goes.

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