The Funvee Tailgate Podcast: Big XII Preview


And with that, so is our new football podcast: The Funvee Tailgate. Based off of the College Football posts I did last year, the Funvee Tailgate Podcast will cover BOTH College Football AND the NFL. Matty D and I kick off the new podcast by previewing the Big XII. The feed on iTunes will still be under The Bullpen Cart (working on a new feed name now). Here’s the YouTube link, Soundcloud below:

Let us know what you think since this is our first football pod. Let us know who you’ve got winning the Big XII and who is the team we’re sleeping on!

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2 thoughts on “The Funvee Tailgate Podcast: Big XII Preview

  1. Listen fellas im concerned about the lack of coverage of a big game this week. We got the temple owls rolling into south bend Big time game with big time implications in tge the Philly area. The spread is 18 which is a joke because temple has talent. Ventell Bryant is a bonus fiddle play maker. He can stretch the field with the best of them. Also Keith Kirkwood can really make a difference on the other side. Whoever plays qb has some options to sling it around to. But the key to the offensive is ryquell arsmtrad who could lead the nation in rushing. On the d side. They got some talent old Geoff Collins should be able to play with The breakout star could be prosper mekoba Notre Dane has coaching issues with Brian Kelly on the hot seat. Plus they were 4-8 and an entire coaching overall. So I’m saying is that temple marches in and pulls the upset So let’s get some analysis or a podcast up about this game.


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