Bullpen Cart Podcast: MLB Week 17 Recap

The triumphant return of Greg Piatelli to the pod and it didn’t disappoint. Here’s the YouTube link, Soundcloud below, and don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes:

We came out firing about the alternate jerseys MLB teams will be wearing in a few weeks. These are a bit out of the ordinary in design and feature nicknames on the back:

Jersey itself is a bit odd but that hat is straight FIRE. I also screwed up in saying the Mets were solid Orange:

…well at least I got the hat right.

My Stadium Snack was the Chocco Kebab at Guaranteed Rate Field (Chicago White Sox):

As always, if you have any topics we missed, players you want us to talk about, snacks we NEED to try, let us know!

(cover photo via)


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