Bullpen Cart MEGA Podcast: Second Half Preview

Greg “The Prophet” Piatelli and Stevie G are back to help me preview the second half of the MLB Season. We recap the All Star Break, look ahead to the Trade Deadline, and make some award predictions. We also give our favorite Stadium Snacks and Bleacher Creatures.

As always, give the pod a like, share it with your buddies, and subscribe on iTunes. With this light week, there isn’t too much to write about from around the sports world. Hence no Nightly Roundup in the last two nights. All Star Week is always designed to be the lightest time of the year sports year–I sometimes like to think of it being year-end for sports hence why the ESPYs are during this time but that’s a post for later.

We won’t have another podcast for 10 days so that’s why we went for the MEGA pod. Thanks again to everyone who haveĀ given their feedback and ideas. If you have any, let us know!


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