Nightly Roundup: July 10th, 2017

Welcome back to the Nightly Roundup, where I recap the day that was. Last week wasn’t incredibly productive because of the short holiday week but we’re back in full force now. For those wondering where this week’s Bullpen Cart was, The Prophet and I will be recording on Wednesday night so we can recap the ASG fully as well as preview the next week+ of baseball. Let’s get to Monday…

Aaron Judge Wins Home Run Derby in Miami

Jojo sums it up perfectly, Aaron Judge dominated the Home Run Derby. Honestly, this was probably the best Derby I’ve watched. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the change to the clocked rounds rather than 10 outs and the players are certainly loving it too. It used to go on forever and would end after midnight but last night was over at 10:20. The final 30 seconds of each round become incredibly dramatic, especially in the first round where both Cody Bellinger and Judge matched their opponents.

Justin Bour had such a great first round it was such a bummer (and awe inspiring) to see Judge top that. ESPN certainly loved it and acted like they needed it after Stanton went down to Gary Sanchez. I wasn’t a huge fan of the broadcast outside of Karl Ravich. Mark Texeria and Jess Mendoza, while normally good (said in Chris Berman voice), seemed like they were Ravi’s buddies hanging around rather than analysts–or even as if they just had the event going on behind an extremely casual episode of Baseball Tonight. Granted, the Derby is meant to be more relaxed but Boomer used to handle this broadcast on his own while screaming BACK and quickly throwing it to an interview. Nonetheless, this year’s Debry was great and everyone there had a great time:

He’s palming two baseballs. Good god please stay healthy this season Jojo.

Other Baseball Stories:

  • Cubs Twitter Goes Meme Crazy – The Cubbies got blasted on Sunday afternoon and after their social media interns put this out, a meme war emerged. Always love to see teams get into social media but the trolls were out to play with this one.
  • Astros’ Alex Bregman Goes After Fan via DM’s – WOAH! That escalated really quickly. Like I just said, when the official accounts get into the action with normal peeps like you and me, it can be fun. This isn’t what social media’s about though. Granted Bregman has probably been bombarded by trolls his whole career, as most pros are, but the guy actually writes some respectful stuff to Bregman and he does not oblige.
  • I also had a couple stories on the Phillies but I’m going to instead save them for a first half recap I’m going to try to write tomorrow night during the All Star Game so stay tuned for that before tomorrow’s Nightly Roundup\

Eagles’ WRs Head to Fargo

HERE WE GO. Talk about teamwork! Wentz takes his guys hunting in Jersey and now they come visit his home to get ready for training camp. He’s becoming the leader we want and the leader we need. I freaking love Ginger Jesus.

Curb Your Enthusiasm for the new Curb promo

Six years in the making. LD is back! If you’ve never watched Curb, you have two and a half months to binge. Squeeze it in around the new Game of Thrones season.

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