Nightly Roundup: June 27th, 2017

Welcome back to the Nightly Roundup! Where I recap the day that was in sports with my thoughts on the day.

MLB Tuesday

You might notice this section doesn’t start with the Phillies score from tonight. Well, that is because the Phils are out West in Seattle and I, sadly, won’t be staying up to watch the end of the game. Currently, the two teams are tied in the sixth inning. Here are some final scores:

Rangers edge Indians 2-1 in pitcher’s duel: Adrian Beltre blasted a homer in the top of the 9th for Texas. Cody Allen allowed the homer as he falls to 0-4 on the season. Quick thought: why do reliever records matter? Getting the win is more out of being the pitcher of record whereas losing is actually your doing. It’s a little more unbalanced for relievers than their starting counterparts.

Nats run over Cubs 6-1: Seven, count’em SEVEN stolen bases for the Nats tonight. Scherzer grabs another win but only struck out six over six innings of work. Jake Arrieta falls for another loss on the season as he hasn’t been able to get fully settled in yet.

A’s SLAM by Astros 6-4: Ryon Healy blasted a grand slam for the A’s that proved to be the winner. Mike Fiers comes away with the loss because of it as Houston could not capitalize on 14 hits.

Reds outslug Brewers 8-6: The Reds’ four homers were one extra than Milwaukee’s and it was Joey Votto’s fifth inning home run that was ultimately the difference. A quick fall from grace to point out as Drew Storen was the first pitcher out of the pen for Cincy. If that name sounds familiar, it is because he was the Nationals closer a few years back before they traded for Jonathan Papelbon from the Phillies. We all remember how that worked out:



NFL News

I wrote a post today about the NFL announcing that there would be fewer commercial breaks during games. Check it out as it’s certainly an interesting story and should be exciting for us fans to see this season.

The Eagles offensive line was ranked #1 by Pro Football Focus going into the 2017 preseason. Makes sense that the line would be better than last season considering their much healthier and not suspended (*cough* Lane Johnson *cough*). Number one might be a bit high but PFF noted the Eagles’ O-Line has the fewest holes. I’ll take it for now and look forward to the Wentz Wagon tearing it up.


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