Nightly Roundup: June 22nd, 2017

Welcome back to the Nightly Roundup! Where I recap the day that was in sports with my thoughts on the day.


Let’s get right to it:

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YUP!!! Fultz to Philly is official! As I had mentioned, I went to the Sixers’ Draft Party at the Piazza earlier and it did not disappoint. Fultz fits so well into this team that I honestly cannot wait for the season to start. Everyone knew it was going to happen and the response has been incredible.

The second pick was also pretty obvious with Lonzo Ball going to the Lakers. Lavar once again stole the show claiming that Lonzo would carry the Lakers into the playoffs and that the “Big Baller way” would convince big names to join his son in the purple and gold. Say what you about Lavar, but the guy knows how to move the needle and keep his name relevant.

Pick number three is where things got interesting. The Celtics ended up taking Jayson Tatum out of Duke which was thrown around in a few mock drafts. While the C’s were deliberating, the Bulls and T-Wolves made a deal:

Honestly, cucking is probably the best way to put the announcement. Butler was certainly on way out, but no one expected the Wolves to get involved in the sweepstakes. Butler gets to play for his old coach and with Karl Anthony Towns; holy shit that’ll be fun to watch. Minnesota might have paid a biiiit too much, but a fun lineup to watch nonetheless.

Other notable draft picks:

Josh Jackson to the Suns — BUCKETS ALL DAY IN PHX

Jonathan Issac to the Magic — might be my favorite pick so far, aside from Fultz

The DeAngelo Russell to Brooklyn trade became official; love that Game of Zones inadvertently predicted this.

Phillies Win! 5-1 over St Louis in a day game

What a day for Philadelphia. The Phils took a 3-0 lead into the eighth inning and after Aaron Nola allowed his first run, getting nervous as a fan was more than understandable. Pat Neshek came in to get the hold for the Phils and a two-run single by Tommy Joseph in the bottom half sealed the deal. Nola pitched an outstanding game as the Phils have now posted two-straight games with the starting pitcher going into the seventh inning. For those non-Phillies fans, that kind of stuff hasn’t really happened for the Phils pitchers this season so we’ve gotta take the small victories when we can. It’s worth noting that Tommy Joseph has taken over as the Phillies leader in batting average.

It’s worth noting that Tommy Joseph has taken over as the Phillies leader in batting average. Granted, it’s at .261 after today but considering where he was a little over a month ago where Michael Saunders was making spot starts at first, ToJo has really charged back into our good graces. Hopefully, the Phils can carry this momentum into Arizona this weekend as they look to avenge the sweeping the D-Backs gave them last weekend.

Other Baseball Scores:

D-Backs SMASH Rockies at Coors Field once again

Astros win their 50th game in a 12-9 slugfest in Oakland

Angels explode over Yanks as NYY continues to struggle on the West Coast

NHL Announces Schedule

Pretty straight forward here and I’ll likely take a deeper dive into the schedule but I wanted to make this note. Whether or not you’re a fan of having pro teams in Las Vegas, there will be some type of monetary success there. I immediately texted a bunch of my buddies about when the Flyers will be in Vegas. If the Golden Knights (and eventually the Raiders) can find the smallest type of success there, the team(s) might have some of the best revenue numbers and likely the highest percentage of visiting fans. Phillies fans who have gone to a game when the Mets are in town know what that’s like.

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