Nightly Roundup: June 21st, 2017

Welcome back to the Nightly Roundup! I got enough positive feedback to feel like I should continue on this new series. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

Phillies lose to Cards in extras …again

Tonight stings WAY worse than last night. The Phils were up 5-0 and ended up losing 7-6 in 10 innings (the sixth run was scored in the 10th inning). I’m honestly not sure if I’m more upset that Odubel ran through a red light at third base in the bottom of the ninth or that it was Hector Neris who blew the lead. Nick Pivetta looked incredibly strong once again–he struck out 10 batters in six innings of work! Honestly, the fact that the Phils could even put up a 5-0 lead is shocking. They’ve set a precedent of falling down early and needing to dig themselves out. Tonight, the Phillies actually hit the ball well but could capitalize. The bullpen, as usual, is the part of the lineup that really needs to be addressed. The fact that the Phils are at least moving around the pieces a little more is encouraging; the results right now are not but we’re starting to get used to processes.

Other Baseball Stories:

More NBA Trade Rumors 

With the NBA draft occurring tomorrow night, rumors are flying left and right. Between the Lakers looking to make another trade, this time for Paul George, and the Sixers and Knicks potentially swapping Pozingas and some Sixers picks, the NBA certainly doesn’t miss a beat once The Finals end.

The Vegas Golden Knights are here

WOAH. Some of these picks came from simply teams not being able to protect oh-so-many players (NSH with James Neal). Others are absolute STEALS. What is for sure is that Vegas went for talented youthful players. Whether or not they will be able to get close to running at the Preds first-year record remains to be seen, but the NHL offseason is just getting underway.

Sad to see Bellemare go but glad to know that he’ll do great on this new team. Vegas is set up to set up to make some moves while having a solid rookie season in the NHL.


I can’t believe I forgot to include this last night. I had mentioned that I’d add some non-sports stories into these posts and this certainly meets that criteria. Whether you’re watching for the first or millionth time, the Game of Thrones trailers never fail to entertain. And HOLY DRAGONS! Looks like we’re finally getting action and not just build up to be concluded in 2018. Much like last year, this season will be a lot of great build-up episodes leading to back-to-back-to-back epics of television (probably where we saw Jaime charging through a burning battlefield). The Ringer always breaks down these trailers much better than I can, here’s the link to this trailer’s breakdown.

A quick roundup tonight. Let me know what you think and where this series can improve!

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