Nightly Roundup: June 20th, 2017

Trying something new. Since I started the podcast, I’ve noticed that I’ve had a lot less time to write the blog itself. Sure, I wrote my US Open preview and the previews for the first three rounds of the NHL Playoffs, but I have defaulted to conveying my opinions via the pod. Well, here’s my first attempt to fix that: the Nightly Roundup. I’ll write about things I saw around the sports world (as well as a few other things) I saw that day and give my thoughts. Nothing too long but enough to get the point across. I’m still going to write full posts on various topics but the idea of this is to make sure content is created for most days (likely Sunday through Thursday). So without further ado, let’s get things going.

Phillies lose to Cardinals 8-1 in 11

That’s right. The Phillies allowed seven runs in the eleventh inning. It started with back-to-back walks to lead off the inning by Edubray Ramos who was quickly pulled for Casey Fien. Fien couldn’t get it going either and was SHELLED. It’s a shame because Jeremy Hellickson finally put together the type of starts we’ve been expecting from him: 7 IP and 1 ER. On the heels of DFA’ing both Michael Saunders and Jeanmar Gomez (!!!), the Phillies are starting to tweak things at the big league level but the bigger names on the team need to get it going. The Phils and Cards continue their series tomorrow night at CBP.

Other Baseball Stories:

  • Aaron Judge smacks another home run extending his lead but the Yanks lose
  • Anthony Rizzo continues to be incredible from the Cubs leadoff spot in win
  • Chris Sale remains absolutely dominate in Kansas City as Sox win big

NHL Unveils New Addidas Jerseys

Overall thoughts: Meh to bad. The Knights first impression on the NHL isn’t too great:

They remind me a bit of the Vancouver Canucks’ “victory” jerseys from back in the day. The Knights will be unveiling which players they picked in the Expansion Draft tomorrow night during the NHL Awards show. Check out Matty D and myself breaking it down on this week’s podcast.

Live look at the Flyers “new” jerseys (spoiler not too much has changed):

NBA Pre-Draft Mania is ON

The NBA Draft is on Thursday night. The Sixers and Celtics have already traded picks. And now, seemingly everyone else in the league is joining in. First, this is nearly done:

Earlier in the day, the Lakers and Pacers trade rumors including Paul George were getting thrown around and DeAngelo was included. Might still happen, but this trade changes things up BIG TIME.

This trade has been fully agreed on. Dwight Howard to the Hornets:

This one. This one is just insane. An intradivision trade for a guy who is notorious for being just the worst guy in the locker room. A lot of people are throwing out tweets about how MJ is going to really hate Dwight. My conspiracy theory is that Jordan probably thinks he could just play and beat Howard at one-on-one and that will what makes him behave. I’d pay money to watch that.

Whether or not more pre-draft trades occur in the next two days is unknown. Like most amateur drafts, trading picks usually happens when one team is on the clock but the fact that big-name players are being thrown around as well is just exciting to watch.

What did you guys think of this new series? Let me know in the comments. This is certainly still a work in progress…

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