Bullpen Cart Podcast: MLB Week 11 Recap and NBA Draft Preview

As has become our summer tradition, Matty D and I met in-person last night to record this week’s episode of the pod. Our recording started rather late last night because of The Bachelorette. Matty D initially wanted to record while our girlfriends watched the episode but after watching the first five minutes while he was dinner, he immediately got hooked:

If you ask Matt, he’ll tell you he’s fully on #TeamDean and that’s it. But he’s hooked. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he started writing recap posts next week. Anyway, here’s this week’s episode of The Bullpen Cart:

Topics include:

  • Week 11 Recap for Major League Baseball
  • NBA Draft Preview
  • NHL Expansion Draft Preview (Full protection list here)
  • US Open Recap
  • Stadium Snacks
  • Bleacher Creatures
  • Beer Corner – Narragansett Del’s Lemonade Shandy



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I’ll be at the Sixers Draft Party on Thursday so be sure to follow along on social media.

If you have anything you want us to talk about (Stadium Snacks, Bleacher Creaturs, your team(s), etc.) please feel free to DM us or leave a comment!


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