Stadium Snacks: Chicken + Pickle = Chickle?


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty bummed IĀ missed trying this at the park. It’s pretty easy to make a version of this minus the “Nashville-style” for the chicken, but there’s something about having a bonafide Stadium Snack in its natural habit.

The team selling the ChickleĀ is the Fresno Grizzlies, Triple-A affiliateĀ of the Houston Astros since 2015, out of the Pacific Coast League–which we covered about a month ago on the podcast. Much like the Iron Pigs, the Grizzlies are a minor league club that knows how to market interesting products to its clientele. For those reading this on May 19th, their Grizzly wearing a Jason mask logo is a part of a “Halfway to Halloween” promotion–genius! One of their most notable campaigns has been the Grizzlies taking a page out of the Iron Pigs’ playbook by renaming and branding themselves the “Tacos.” So much so that the Pigs and Grizzlies have started a nationwide campaign to settle which food-based rebrand is better: bacon or taco?

I obviously picked bacon not just because it’s the Phillies affiliate but I also LOVE bacon. Easily my favorite food. Whenever you can add bacon to something, ALWAYS add bacon. Bacon burger? Easy. PB & Bacon? AMAZING.



[H/T Sports Illustrated]


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