I Went to Round One of the NFL Draft. Here’s How It Went…


So originally, Matty D, myself, and our friends had decided to go to Friday night at the draft. It was going to have less noise surrounding it so therefore, it would be less crowded and would be an easier sell to our less sports-inclined friends. That remains to be seen since we’re still going tomorrow night but I did end up deep in the mix for the first round tonight. Here’s how it went…

Around 3:30 pm: I get invited to the draft to be in the Eagles Nest (basically semi-VIP section). Obviously, I accept the invite.

Around 6:00 pm: I get home from work, eat dinner quickly, and head out with some pump-up jams

The four songs I heard while walking down Spring Garden St: Whomp! There it is (Tag Team), Sabotage (Beastie Boys), All of the Lights (Kanye West), and Thunderstruck (AC/DC). I was ready to go one I got through security. After meeting my family friends and acquiring some Bud Heavies, it was time to head into the Eagles’ Nest.

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Gotta support the team #FlyEaglesFly #NFLDraft

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We definitely hit the over for booing Goodell #NFLDraft

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Most of the pictures I put up on our Twitter and/or Instagram feature Eagles fans but I have to say: I was incredibly impressed by the showings from the other 31 teams. I would have expected the Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Steelers, Jets, and Pats to show up STRONG. The three other NFC East squads came in seemingly full force, as did the Jets, but the Steelers and Patriots fans were very underrepresented. Surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns had one of the better showings of fans. As my boy Mikey O from The Land told me: “It’s our Superbowl.” Cleveland may not be saying that for too much longer as they ended up having THREE 1st-rounders. What certainly surprised me was the camaraderie at every corner. We as Philadelphians booed the absolute shit out of Goodell and the picks of the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys, but before Roger announced the official start of the draft, it didn’t matter what jersey you wore. Eagles and Cowboys fans bonding over the long lines for beer. Patriots and Jets fans sharing a meal together. Just an awesome environment that the NFL put together. Before I get too sappy, here are my notable picks in case you didn’t follow our Twitter feed:

  • Eagles Pick: I’m indifferent to Barnett; mainly just because of who was available (Jonathan Allen to WSH scares the living shit out of me). Matty D’s response: Barnett is a quick twitch pass rusher who plays in the same style as Terrell Suggs. He explodes off the line with a bevy of pass rush moves (didn’t know Matt knew the word ‘bevy’). Breaking the Minister of Defense’s (Reggie White’s) sack record at Tennessee, Barnett projects to immediately slide in as the 3rd DE while coming on the field when Vinny Curry jumps inside on 3rd down. He must gain a little muscle weight but is already built like a true 4-3 DE. (Well said MPD, you’re selling me HARD but my response to you will remain true: “If Jonathan Allen breaks Carson’s arm, Idk how I’ll survive)

(live announcement*)

  • Bears trade up to pick Mitchell Trubisky — HUUUUGGGGEEEEE gamble here. The Bears probably could have waited for a single pick to get him but I guess when the other guys threaten to get your QB, you trade a bunch of assets to get your guy? This would become a theme…
  • The dominoes falling to the Eagles pick: we knew Fournette wasn’t coming to Philly but no one knew he’d go under the Vegas line! Once that happened, McCaffrey to Carolina was a surefire lock. What did the Birds’ offensive skills options in was Corey Davis going so early. Mariota to Davis is going to be AMAZING. That pick set the WR dominoes in motion.
  • Matty D’s thoughts on the dominoes: The run on offensive skill players occurred due to the defensive depth in this draft. The teams up top realized they can get great defensive players early in the second so they took elite offensive stars.

Whether or not those players are stars remains to be seen but the defensive talent is clearly arriving NFL as soon as it can. Matty D and I will be down at rounds two and three tomorrow so make sure you’re refreshing our Twitter and Instagram feeds. Let me know who you would have wanted for your teams in the comments…

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