Noah Syndergaard Warns Us of the Mascot War. The Phillies Engage in Combat

Prepare yourselves. The Mascot War is here. Thor fighting the East Coast and Southern mascots and Kershaw taking care of the West. The scary thing is that it seems to be fun and games (given that’s the nature of a mascot) until one of them rises up and it seems that time is here. Orbit doing some physco-style pushups, the Phanatic giving the Galapagos Gang a taste of human flesh, and Tommy Lasorda is our reinforcements!? Get your honor back, Mike Trout! Pretty soon we’ll get a battle between the Phanatic and Syndergaard where the Phanatic shatters Noah’s hammer a la the new Thor trailer (if I was better with photoshop, I’d give you an imagining of how that might go down). I for one would welcome our new mascot overlords, but I’m not going down without a fight.


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