Arizona Baseball Team Recreates Scene From Major League


Pretty accurate right?

I don’t know which is better: the Willie Mays Hayes impression by Matt Mays Fraizer or the Ricky Vaughn character arriving on a moped instead of a Harley. With pitchers and catchers reported and College Baseball season pretty much in swing, this was the perfect time to drop one of the best “team impersonation videos.” Typically we’ve seen pro teams doing this but a college squad joining the mix is a welcome addition. Especially if it’s Major League, it doesn’t truly feel like baseball is back until I’ve watched Major League or Bull Durham. Hopefully, we’ll get a follow-up video recreating this scene:

I’d be happy with Zona Baseball doing even just the American Express ad scene but I need that background montage music constantly playing in the background of my own life.

[H/T Cut4]

(cover photo via)


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