Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 16 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. Matt FINALLY posted a LOCKS last week so need to recap the scoring (I’m dominating). Need to make this post quick so not too much commentary unfortunately!

Week 16 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Eagles fly over Giants 24-19 – Matt picked the Birds while I picked NYG: 0-1 G-Man/1-0 Matty D – The contra-pick worked!

Dolphins edge Bills 34-31 in OT – MPD took Miami while I took Buffalo: 0-2 G-Man/2-0 Matty D – Jay Ajayji, HUGE day.

Pats demolish Jets 41-3 – We both picked New England: 1-2 G-Man/3-0 Matty D

Jags smack Titans 38-17  – We both picked Tennessee: 1-3 G-Man/3-1 Matty D – Get better soon, Marcus.

Rodgers and the Pack down Vikings 38-25 – We both took Green Bay: 2-3 G-Man/4-1 Matty D

THE BROWNS WIN! 20-17 over San Diego – We both picked San Diego: 2-4 G-Man/ 4-2 Matty D – Now we’ve seen everything.

Redskins take down Bears 41-21 – We both took Washington: 3-4 G-Man/5-2 Matty D

Falcons soar by Panthers 33-16 – We both picked Atlanta: 4-4 G-Man/6-2 Matty D – Matty Ice looks great right now.

Raiders win over Indy 33-25, lose Derek Carr – I picked Oakland while MPD took Indy: 5-4 G-Man/6-3 Matty D – Matt loves Andrew Luck. He likes to think his beard makes him look like Andrew. The Raiders home stadium is nicknamed “The Black Hole” for a reason. We’ll have to see how it goes without Carr though, that’s a real shame.

Saints finish off Bucs 31-24 — I picked Tampa Bay while Matty D went with Breesy: 5-5 G-Man/7-3 Matty D – Tampa is still alive, but need A LOT to happen in order to make the postseason.

Cards rally by Seahawks 34-31 – We both picked Seattle: 5-6 G-Man/7-4 Matty D – David Johnson put the team on his back.

Niners complete comeback over Rams 22-21 – We both picked LA: 5-7 G-Man/7-5 Matty D

Texans edge Bengals 12-10 – We both picked Houston: 6-7 G-Man/8-5 Matty D

Steelers rally over Ravens 31-27 – We both picked Pittsburgh: 7-7 G-Man/9-5 Matty D – Way closer than I would have thought.

Chiefs eliminate Broncos 33-10 — I picked KC while Matty D took Denver: 8-7 G-Man/9-6 Matty D

Cowboys drop Lions 42-21 — I picked the Cowboys while Matt, of course, didn’t…

We tie Week 16 at 9-7, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 9-3-4 (Clinched 2016)
G-Man Overall: 153-87
Matty D Overall: 142-98

Classic Matt. Opportunity to win with the Cowboys at home and can’t pull himself to pick them. Gotta learn to be objective buddy. That’s why I’m 11up with a week left. I don’t think he’ll try to be fancy and compete against 11 of my picks next week but it’d be funny if he did. What I find funny is that the Eagles will likely have nearly recouped their first rounder thanks to sending Sammy Sleeves to Minnesota. In fact, if the Birds win and Minnesota loses next week, the Eagles would actually move up a spot because they beat the Vikings earlier this year! Minnesota plays the Bears on Sunday so them losing is unlikely but even so, the Birds only lose a couple spots in the first round and now have a franchise QB. I’m just happy the contra pick finally worked. Matty D should be back later this week for the final LOCKS of the regular season. Until then…



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