Matty D’s 2016 Week 16 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

On the Eve


What a wonderful time of year! In this quick version of the locks just remember not to drink too much before church, but after is fine. G-Man has clinched a while ago but I still have pride. What a wild week it should be in the NFL with teams clawing for that post-season berth.

Matty D wins Week 15 at 13-3 to 11-5, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 9-3-3 (Clinched 2016)
G-Man Overall: 144-80
Matty D Overall: 133-91

Week 16 Cold Hard Locks

(G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted.)

Thursday Night Football

Philadelphia over New York Giants

G-Man went with the Giants in this one.


Opening Slate

Atlanta over Carolina

Miami over Buffalo

G-Man is taking the Bills Mafia in this one.

Washington over Chicago

San Diego over Cleveland

Green Bay over Minnesota

Tennessee over Jacksonville

New England over New York Jets

4 O’Clock Showdowns

Indianapolis over Oakland

G-Man is going with dem Raiders and Mr. Carr.

Los Angeles over San Fransisco

New Orleans over Tampa Bay

G-Man is taking the playoff starved Bucs.

Seattle over Arizona

Christmas Eve Finale

Houston over Cincinnati

Sunday Specials

Pittsburgh over Baltimore

Denver over Kansas City

G-Man is siding with his man-crush Andy and taking the Chiefs.

Monday Night Football

Detroit over Dallas

G-Man is somehow taking that despicable team.


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