Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 13 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. I’ve clinched the Weekly Series. I’m only 12up overall. I want this to be an absolute route. Let’s see how this week goes…

Week 13 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Cowboys edge Vikings 17-15 – I picked Dallas while Matt took the Vikings: 1-0 G-Man/0-1 Matty D – Matty D called me a traitor in the LOCKS for this pick. A) Pick’em is about objectivity Matt, plain and simple. B) The Eagles’ best opportunity was the Cowboys winning. WE HAVE THE VIKINGS’ PICK MATT! The Birds desperately need Minnesota to keep losing.

Chiefs Pick-Two Falcons 29-28 – We both picked Atlanta: 1-1 G-Man/0-2 Matty D – Eric Berry had a HUGE game as he hopes to carry this hot play into Thursday Night Football.

Lions smack Saints 28-13 – We both picked New Orleans: 1-2 G-Man/0-3 Matty D – Drew Brees didn’t throw a passing touchdown at the Superdome for the first time in a WHILE. Not so Easy Brees-y, I guess.

Pats beat Rams 26-10 – We both picked New England: 2-2 G-Man/1-3 Matty D – Tom Brady set the QB wins record at 201 as the Pats move to 10-2.

Broncos drop Jags 20-10 – We both took Denver: 3-2 G-Man/2-3 Matty D – The Broncos D played spectacularly over Blake Bortles and crew.

Packers beat Texans 21-13 – I picked Green Bay while Matty D picked his boys from Houston: 4-2 G-Man/2-4 Matty D – This game is practically an existential crisis for Matt: Texans vs. Rodgers. We now know who’s his favorite behind Tom Brady.

Bengals beat up Eagles 32-14 – I picked Cincy while Matty D took the Ealges: 5-2 G-Man/2-5 Matty D – The Eagles are just abysmal on the road. That was half of my reasoning in picking Cincy. That, and the fact that the Eagles normally do the opposite of my pick. The Eagles need to change however they travel to games. They take so many DUMB penalties.

Ravens rout Dolphins 38-6 – I picked Miami while Matty D took Baltimore: 5-3 G-Man/3-5 Matty D – Have a day, Flacco. Have a day.

Bears blast Niners 26-6 – We both picked Chicago: 6-3 G-Man/4-5 Matty D – Jordan Howard had a HUGE day against a terrible Niners squad.

Raiders topple Bills 38-24 — We both picked Oakland: 7-3 G-Man/5-5 Matty D – The high-flying Raider offense stays hot as Kahlil Mack carried the Oakland defense in the 4th quarter. Thursday night may actually be a great game between the Raiders and Chiefs.

Steelers bang up Giants 24-14 – We both picked Pittsburgh: 8-3 G-Man/6-5 Matty D – The Steelers end the Giants’ huge win-streak and made us all remember that Eli is the Derp King.

Cards down Redskins 31-23 – I picked Washington while Matty D took Arizona: 8-4 G-Man/7-5 Matty D – Washington made a strong statement in the third quarter taking the lead but Carson Palmer took the game over in the fourth as the Cards pulled away to win.

Bucs edge Chargers 28-21 – We both picked San Diego: 8-5 G-Man/7-6 Matty D – Jameis had a HUGE game as he is carrying the Bucs into December tied for the lead in the NFC South.

Seahawks SMACK Panthers 40-7 — We both picked Seattle: 9-5 G-Man/8-6 Matty D – Wow.

Colts blast Jets 41-10 — I rolled the dice on the Jets while MPD took Indy…

We tie Week 13 at 9-6, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 8-2-3 (Clinched 2016)
G-Man Overall: 121-71
Matty D Overall: 109-83

Well I’m still 12up. Week 14 could be oh so much more important in both Pick’em and our fantasy league. Matty D and I are on opposite sides of the four-team bracket and we’re in the middle of the two-week semifinals. I’m down 18 points while Matt’s up HUGE. Time for me to rally, thankfully the Titans are back in action this week. Most importantly, the Eagles return home to face the Redskins. The Birds need to win out to have any sort of chance and it is survive and advance at this point. Matty D will be back later this week to break down the LOCKS. Until then…



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