Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 12 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. Matt is dormied. Time to close it out. He actually tried to make the excuse that he is losing so badly because he “picks upsets to be more competitive.” No shot Matty D. We both pick “upsets” so there are plenty of picks I send you that are “easy” to pick against and I STILL come out on top. Anyway, let’s see if I can fully close the door on 2016.

Week 12 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Lions kick by Vikings 16-13 – We both picked Detroit: 1-0 G-Man/1-0 Matty D – The Vikings are trending in the wrong way after such a great start to the season.

Cowboys hold off Redskins 31-26 – I picked Dallas while MPD picked Washington: 2-0 G-Man/1-1 Matty D – I “not a true Philadelphian” according to the LOCKS. Pick’em isn’t about allegiances, it’s about winners. Unfortunately, DAKZEKES is a true winner.

Steelers crush Colts 28-7 – We both picked Pittsburgh: 3-0 G-Man/2-1 Matty D – One of the easiest picks of the week as Indy was Luck-less.

Titans stop Bears 27-21 – We both picked Tennessee: 4-0 G-Man/3-1 Matty D – The Mark Barkley-led Bears almost pulled off the 4th quarter comeback but Tennessee’s lead was too large to overcome.

Bills down Jags 28-21 – We both took Buffalo: 5-0 G-Man/4-1 Matty D – Lesean McCoy almost missed this one due to a hammy injury. His leg seemed fine as he rushed for over 100 yards and two touchdowns.

Ravens take down Bengals 19-14 – We both picked Baltimore: 6-0 G-Man/5-1 Matty D – Harbaughs will be Harbaughs. Love the final play in this game exploiting a weird rule.

Giants smack Browns 27-13 – We both picked NYG: 7-0 G-Man/6-1 Matty D – Odell Beckham Jr is getting white-hot as the Giants are now tied for the league’s third-best record.

Falcons rout Cardinals 38-19 – I picked Atlanta while Matty D took Arizona: 8-0 G-Man/6-2 Matty D – David Johnson has disappeared for the Cards while the Falcons continue to build on their success. Taylor Gabriel was on display this week for Matty Ice.

Saints blast Rams 49-21 – We both picked N’Orleans: 9-0 G-Man/7-2 Matty D – Easy Brees-y.

Dolphins squish Niners 31-24 — We both picked Miami: 10-0 G-Man/8-2 Matty D – Colin Kaepernick had a great game collecting over 400 total yards but Miami is just a better team.

Chargers buck Texans 21-13 – We both picked Houston: 10-1 G-Man/8-3 Matty D – Philip Rivers shined while Brock Osweiler looked terrible as Houston loses at home for the first time.

Bucs beat Seahawks 14-5 – We both picked Seattle: 10-2 G-Man/8-4 Matty D – Mike Evans may be the premiere wideout in the NFL now. He looked spectacular in Tampa’s win as Seattle had a identity crisis.

Raiders hold off Panthers 35-32 – We both picked Oakland: 11-2 G-Man/9-4 Matty D – Derek Carr left this game with Oakland up big. When he returned, Cam Newton and crew and surged back and eventually tied it up. Oakland won on a late field goal in a thriller.

Pats edge Jets 22-17 — We both picked New England: 12-2 G-Man/10-4 Matty D – Tom Brady won his 200th game in a much closer matchup than anyone would have thought.

Chiefs edge Broncos 30-27 in OT — I picked KC while Matt picked Denver: 13-2 G-Man/10-5 Matty D – We were both almost wrong as the Chiefs clanged the game-winner on the inside of the field goal post; just inside enough to get through and win with seconds left in OT.

Packers down Eagles 27-13 — We both picked the Eagles…

G-Man wins Week 12 13-3 to 10-6, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 8-2-2 (Clinched 2016)
G-Man Overall: 112-65
Matty D Overall: 100-77

Well I’ve clinched the Weekly Series for 2016. Matty D could very well make up the Overall gap in the final five weeks of the season. More importantly was last night’s debacle at the Linc. I really thought the Eagles could win that one. The defense had been great leading into the game but looked terrible. Carson Wentz looked great in the opening drive and continued to be strong throughout the rest of the game. Once again, penalties killed the Eagles on both sides of the ball. The loss of Jordan Matthews didn’t help either but the penalties are just a pain to see. A road trip to Cincy is this week’s matchup for the Birds, another winnable game but the Eagles have been TERRIBLE on the road. Matty D will return with the LOCKS later on this week. Until then…



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