Matty D’s 2016 Week 12 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

Thanksgiving Day Stuff-Your-Face


I’m thankful for a lot of things. My family, my girlfriend, my friends, my dog, etcetera etcetera. One thing I am not thankful for is how badly Geordie is beating my in Pick’Em. Although with a little fantasy magic, I will soon have the last laugh in the The Philadelphia Fantasy League and real money. But even though G-Man has locked up Pick’Em, my competitive fire still burns. Here is the yearly breakdown:

G-Man wins Week 11 11-3 to 9-5, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 7-2-2
G-Man Overall: 99-62
Matty D Overall: 90-71

Week 12 Cold Hard Locks

(G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted.)

Thursday Turkey Day Football


Detroit over Minnesota

What are the Lions? This game will tell us a lot about Stafford and company.

Washington over Dallas

The streak has to end at some point right? Captain Kirk wants this game bad and Dallas is due for a let down.

G-Man is taking the hated Cowgirls here. Not a true Philadelphian!

Pittsburgh over Indianapolis

No Andrew Luck, no Colts win. Plain and simple.


1pm Slate


Tennessee over Chicago

Cutler, out. Zach Miller, out. Alshon Jeffrey, out. Not enough offensive firepower to keep up with Marcus, DeMarco, and the explosive Titans.

Buffalo over Jacksonville

The Jaguars are a mess. Go easy Bills.

Baltimore over Cincinnati

Baltimore is that team that should be better. The Bengals are that team that was better. The Ravens shut down a punchless Bengals squad.

Arizona over Atlanta

Arizona has given up only 2 passing touchdowns in a game once this season. The offensive gets going as Atlanta is suddenly in a dogfight for the NFC South.

G-Man is taking the Falcons and Matty Ice here.

New York (G) over Cleveland

Crimson Tide vs Browns, make it happen.

New Orleans over Los Angeles

Goff isn’t a total loss but Brees wants to show the rookie something.

Miami over San Fransisco

Miami is a team on fire right now. They keep that going this week.

Houston over San Diego

Philip Rivers turns the ball over too much. The Texans win.

4pm Showdowns


Seattle over Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is actually playing very well right now but the Buccaneers are not the Seahawks. Seattle is scary good again.

Oakland over Carolina

Cam Newton is overrated. The Raiders are not.

Patriots over Jets

Brady keeps pummeling the AFC East.

Sunday Night Football


Denver over Kansas City

Great defensive game this week. I think Denver is due for a statement win led by this defense with Talib back.

G-Man is taking his man crush Andy Reid and the Chiefs in this one.

Monday Night Football

Eagles over Packers

Aaron Rodgers was broken. Who did it? That team is in trouble.



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