Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 10 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. This week had the most competing picks between Matty D and myself. Time to make a serious move.

Week 10 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Ravens sink Browns 28-7 – We both picked Baltimore: 1-0 G-Man/1-0 Matty D – EASY.

Titans smack Packers 47-25 – I picked Tennessee while Matt picked the Pack: 2-0 G-Man/1-1 Matty D – What I thought was going to be a big reach ended up being on a lower shelf as Demarco Murray was fully healthy. Murray ripped the Packer defense in two by rushing for over 100 yards AGAIN and two TDs: one rushing and one passing. Aaron Rodgers played well but the Pack is depleted from where they once were.

Redskins takedown Vikings 26-20 – MPD picked Washington while I took Minnesota: 2-1 G-Man/2-1 Matty D – Sammy Sleeves played well in this game but the Vikings once again couldn’t get the running game going. The Washington rush attack on the other head, looks great.

Bucs beat Bears 36-10 – We both picked Tampa Bay: 3-1 G-Man/3-1 Matty D – Marcus Mariotta (not mentioned above) is having a great sophomore season. So good that he’s eclipsing Jameis’ 2nd season in Tampa. Winston isn’t falling for the sophomore slump and is having a good 2nd year on a less-than-stellar Tampa Bay squad. He threw for over 300 yards again in this game as they picked up their first home win over the Bears.

Chiefs rally over Panthers 20-17 – I picked the Chiefs while MPD picked Carolina: 4-1 G-Man/3-2 Matty D – The Chiefs defense once again asserted themselves as SuperCam and company blew a 17-point lead. From Eric Berry’s pick-six to Marcus Peters ripping the ball out of Kelvin Benjamin’s hands, KC’s defense could carry the now 7-2 Chiefs to the postseason.

Eagles take down Falcons 24-15 – Matty D picked the Eagles while I picked the Falcons: 4-2 G-Man/4-2 Matty D – Ryan Matthews looked the pre-injury-prone San Diego version of himself as rushed for over 100 yards and two TDs. Wentzy actually didn’t look too bad despite losing a fumble. The Eagles really need to get receivers who will actually catch the ball. The Eagles have been able to rally at home well but aren’t great at this task on the road. I wouldn’t expect those road woes to fix themselves as they travel to Seattle this week, or as Matty D calls it: “The Buzzsaw.”

Rams outkick Jets 9-6 – We both picked LA: 5-2 G-Man/5-2 Matty D – This game wasn’t very good. Matt Forte almost had 100 yards rushing, so there’s that. In other news: the Goff Era finally begins for LA next week and Matty D can’t contain himself.

Broncos buck Saints 25-23 – I picked the Broncos while MPD took the hometown Saints: 6-2 G-Man/5-3 Matty D – Say what you will about the return, but this game was the first good game in the best Sunday of the 2016 season. Easy Breesy played exceptionally well against the Broncos D but not well enough. He toss two picks to go with his three TDs and WR Michael Thomas lost two fumbles. The Denver D carried the Broncos here at a tough place to play, but how long can this last?

Texans edge Jags 24-21 – We both picked Houston: 7-2 G-Man/6-3 Matty D – I almost took the Jags here because that Texan offense is tough to get behind. That Texans defense though! That’s something we can ALL believe in! All they’re missing is Matty D’s defensive man-crush: JJ Watt. Two sacks, six tackles for loss, and three QB hits WITHOUT Watt, just wait.

Dolphins ground Chargers 31-24 — We both picked San Diego: 7-3 G-Man/6-4 Matty D – Why Philip Rivers, why!? You had a good thing going until that pick-six AND ANOTHER pick both in the last 90 seconds!? 3 TDs and two interceptions is decent day for the wild gunslinger and his bolo ties; four picks is a bad, bad day.

Cowboys Zeke by Steelers 35-30 – I picked dem Cowboys while Matty D picked the Steelers: 8-3 G-Man/6-5 Matty D – DAKZEKES! This game held the honor of “Best Game in 2016” for about three hours.

Cards get by 49ers 23-20 – We both picked Arizona: 9-3 G-Man/7-5 Matty D – The Cards showed some strength here gaining over 450 yards but four turnovers and a -3 turnover margin almost costs them the game.

Seahawks soar past Pats 31-24 – We both picked New England: 9-4 G-Man/7-6 Matty D – This is now the best game of this season. New England and Seattle gave us a great potential Super Bowl preview. One thing is for sure. In a sports year where everyone at some point is BACK, Russell Wilson is absolutely, 100% back.

Giants derp Bengals 21-20 — G-Man picked G-Men while Matty D picked against the NFC East, again…

G-Man wins Week 10 10-4 to 7-7, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 6-2-2
G-Man Overall: 88-59
Matty D Overall: 81-66

This what I said at the begin of this section last week: “What a week for Matty D. Could this actually be a contest in the second half?” I think we learned the answer this week: it won’t be. 4up with 6 weeks to play, I could force Matty D into a dormie next week and unlike in a golf match, we play pick’em every single week. Could it be his inability to compartmentalize his love for the Eagles and making logical picks? Probably. Could it be his undying love for Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers? Definitely. I have dominated my way through 2016 so far both in pick’em and in our fantasy league. There are only too possible outcomes: straight up into superstardom or implode and lose everything. Either way it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Interestingly enough: I’ve been wrong on the last seven Eagles games. They lose when I pick them to win and they win when I pick them to lose. Not sure if this streak will continue in Week 11 as the Eagles are going to Seattle’s 12th Man and Doug Pederson seems to leave his brain at the Linc every week, but I will be picking the Seahawks so let’s see what happens. Matty D will be back Thursday to preview Week 11 before we both head up to Lehigh for Rivalry 152. Until then…



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