Hockey Roundup: First Week Thoughts and Flyers Update

A quick look at the first week of the NHL along with a Flyers Update. Check it out after the jump…

Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 6 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. If you’re new to THE THUNDERBLOG, Matty D previews each NFL week and I wrap them up: the LOCKS and FAILS. Matt was fully healed up and garnered some good will helping the South Carolinians recover from Hurricane Matthew. Was this enough to power him to win…

Matty D’s 2016 Week 6 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

As we approach the half way point of the season, Week 6 gives us an opportunity for contenders to show themselves while others fall by the wayside to NFL irrelevance. The Cowboys, Eagles, Bengals, and Ravens must prove they belong at the top while squads like the Panthers, Texans, and Cardinals need to show us they can bounce back from their slow starts. Who will win and who will lose? Read to find out.

Matty D’s 2016 Week 5 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

Already onto Week 5 in the NFL. It has been a wild ride so far with teams both disappointing and surprising. The Jets are sitting at a paltry 1-3 while my hometown Eagles are going for their 4th straight win! But the real story this week is the return of the Greatest American, Mr. Tom Brady. He returns to bring his revenge to the league with fire and brimstone.