Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 7 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. If you’re new to THE THUNDERBLOG, Matty D previews each NFL week and I wrap them up: the LOCKS and FAILS. The FAILS coming at you a day because of writing the World Series preview yesterday. Week 7 was a wacky week, fitting the motif of the 2016 NFL Season. I dropped my fantasy matchup as soon as the Thursday Night Game ended so Pick’em against Matty D was all I really had to depend on for happiness. Let’s see how it all went down…

Week 7 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Packers smack Bears 26-10 – We both picked Green Bay: 1-0 G-Man/1-0 Matty D – Aaron Rodgers dropped back 56 times in this game and completed 39 for 326 yards and 3 TDs! Is he back? Playing the Bears sure won’t tell us.

Giants down Rams 17-10 – We both picked New York: 2-0 G-Man/2-0 Matty D – Matt picked the Giants?!? That NEVER happens. The Big Blue Defense stomped all over the Rams. Matt’s wait for the Goff era shouldn’t last too much longer.

Chiefs beat Saints 27-21 – I picked Kansas City while Matt took the Saints: 3-0 G-Man/2-1 Matty D – Easy Breesy looked good but that Saints D is terrible. Spencer Ware ran all over them as KC moves to 4-2.

Colts down Titans 34-26 – We both picked Tennessee: 3-1 G-Man/2-2 Matty D – Andrew Luck and TY Hilton looked great in this game while Demarco Murray was great on the Tennessee side.

Eagles shutdown Vikings 21-10 – We both doubted the Birds: 3-2 G-Man/2-3 Matty D – Matt and I have picked the same way for the Eagles every week, we’ve been wrong for them the last four weeks. I’m not sure if that means we have to pick the Cowboys this week or not. Nevertheless, the defense FINALLY looked great again which makes me smile; they made the pocket collapse all day on Sammy Sleeves.

Bengals pounce Browns 31-17 – We both picked Cincy: 4-2 G-Man/3-3 Matty D – Easy, easy pick. Someone in Cleveland had to keep the reputation alive. Matt made this is LOCK of the week.

Lions edge Redskins 20-17 – We both picked Detroit: 5-2 G-Man/4-3 Matty D – The Redskins took a late lead but Matthew Stafford charged his pride down the field.

Raiders pillage Jaguars 33-16 – I picked Oakland while Matt took the Jags: 6-2 G-Man/4-4 Matty D – Matty D went for an upset here thinking the Raiders would have a tough time coming east. The return of Latavius Murray was huge for Oakland.

Dolphins squish Bills 28-25 – We both picked Buffalo: 6-3 G-Man/4-5 Matty D – Miami is good home team, they’ve proven that the last two weeks. A TERRIBLE road team though. The loss of McCoy was a tough pill to swallow for Buffalo.

Jets soar over Ravens 24-16 — We both picked Baltimore: 6-4 G-Man/4-6 Matty D – Geno out, Fitz back in. The Jets D capitalized on a lot of mistakes made by the Ravens.

Bucs double up Niners 34-17 – We both picked Tampa Bay: 7-4 G-Man/5-6 Matty D – Jamo went off in this game as he found his monster receiver Mike Evans in the endzone twice. The 49ers are now riding a six-game losing streak that may never end.

Chargers storm over Falcons 33-30 in OT – We both picked Atlanta: 7-5 G-Man/5-7 Matty D – This was my survival pick and I’ve lost it. Like Matt did this week, I’ll continue to make my LOCK of the week going forward. San Diego came away from this one with luck FINALLY on their side.

Pats beat Steelers 27-16 — We both picked New England: 8-5 G-Man/6-7 Matty D – Brady and company didn’t have their best game although Gronk caught his 68th TD pass and made a joke about 69. The Steelers without Big Ben are talented but missing that necessary piece to be fully successful.

Seahawks and Cardinals tie at 6 apiece — We both picked Arizona: 8-6 G-Man/6-8 Matty D – Matty D’s official ruling on ties is that it counts as loss for us by not picking the outcome correctly. This game was a defensive struggle but could have been a shootout consider the Arizona offensive numbers. The Cards just couldn’t punch it in and Bobby Wagner ate up the FG Attempts.

Broncos buck Texans 27-9 — We both picked Denver as the Broncos proved John Elway is a genius…

G-Man wins Week 7 9-6 to 7-8, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 4-1-2
G-Man Overall: 62-45
Matty D Overall: 57-50

Back to 3up on the Weekly and 5up Overall, here we go! I am asserting my dominance in 2016. Week 8 will be interesting to say the least. We start with the yearly tradition of Jaguars/Titans Thursday Night Football. For all the crap this game has been getting and for as terrible as Thursday Night Football has, the built up karma could make this either the worst ever football game or the BEST EVER football game. It needed to be all caps to emphasize the awesomeness. The Eagles face another team fresh off their bye and it’s the dreaded Cowboys. Matty D will be previewing all the action later this week with the Cold Hard Locks. Until then…



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