Hockey Roundup: First Week Thoughts and Flyers Update

Your weekly shot of hockey to go with your afternoon coffee

Welcome Back to the Hockey Roundup! Quick administrative note: the Hockey Roundup will be coming to on Mondays during football season and once the NFL regular season ends, the Hockey Roundup will return to Tuesdays where it had been last season. Today I wanted to give some quick thoughts on the first week of play and then focus in on a Flyers Update and then my outlook now that we’ve seen three games.

First Week Thoughts

  • The Edmonton Hype Is Real — The Oilers are 3-1 as of today. They have scored a league-high 17 goals in their four games with newly-minted captain Connor McDavid leading the charge having scored three. The only knock against Edmonton is that they’ve let up 15 goals, including six to Buffalo, but aside from that game, goalie Cam Talbot looks solid.
  • Auston Matthews Is Incredible — By now, you’ve seen the highlights of Matthews’ four-goal debut. The Leafs have only played one other game since by Matthews is legit. He’s tied for the rookie lead in points, we’ll get to who he’s tied with.
  • Tampa Bay Is A Gritty Team — It’s a little too soon to call anyone a true contender (look at Montreal last year) but we can praise teams for their solid accomplishments. The Lightning are one such team. In between the Flyers/Blackhawks and Cubs game at the bar last night was Lightning/Panthers. The game was incredibly exciting for having been both teams’ third game of the season. Tampa Bay tied up the scored with six seconds left in regulation and went on to win in a shootout. Tampa Bay has that edge to keep fighting, as does Florida. This Sunshine State Rivalry could be the Atlantic Division finals come postseason

Flyers Update

A three-game, Western Conference swing to start the season in LA, Arizona, and Chicago; frankly, 1-1-1 for that trip turns out to be a very positive result. The only negative for us as fans is that the games have been on so late! Claude Giroux is doing a great job as the team captain and has fed pucks to his contemporaries well. G helped reestablish the PECO power play last night as the Flyers finally pumped in their first two power play goals of the year. Speaking of last night, while the Flyers may have lost 7-4, the fact that they rallied from an 0-4 deficit in the third period tells me something; they’re willing to fight. This is incredibly important for a young team like the Flyers. The youth has been particularly great, even with Provorov’s slip up last night that caused the second goal. Provorov and Brandon Manning have been great additions to the D-Core the Flyers have needed and this has enabled Shane Gostisbehere even more as a dynamic defensemen. Travis Konecny has been the most impressive to me. After going to a preseason game seeing his stellar play, I’ve been excited to watch Konecny this season. The second line of Konecny-Voracek-Couturier has been exactly what the Flyers have needed: an in-sync scoring line. The Flyers wrap up this week at home. Matty D will be in attendance tomorrow to scout the Ducks and then the Flyers play the Hurricanes on Saturday night. If the youth can keep it going, this will be a fun season of Flyers hockey!

How have you liked the first week of the season? Let me know your favorite highlights in the comments, here is one of mine.


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