Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 6 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. If you’re new to THE THUNDERBLOG, Matty D previews each NFL week and I wrap them up: the LOCKS and FAILS. Matt was fully healed up and garnered some good will helping the South Carolinians recover from Hurricane Matthew. Was this enough to power him to win his first week? Let’s check it out…

(Sidenote: Check out his live tweet feed on   from his drive down to SC with his grandparents, it’s pure gold).

Week 6 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Chargers surge by Broncos 21-13 – I picked Denver while Matt picked San Diego: 0-1 G-Man/1-0 Matty D – Matt went for the upset in another wacky Thursday night game. The “upset” label should be thrown out, Thursday night games may be more coin flip-like than shootouts in the NHL.

Bills dominate 49ers 45-16 We both picked Buffalo: 1-1 G-Man/2-0 Matty D – Lesean McCoy threw shade at his former coach by rushing for three touchdowns. Matt didn’t post that this was my survivor pick of the week.

Redskins drop Eagles 27-20 – We both picked the Eagles: 1-2 G-Man/2-1 Matty D – Yikes. Gut check time boys.

Titans edge Browns 28-26 – We both picked Tennessee: 2-2 G-Man/3-1 Matty D – The Browns always seem to play the expected blowouts to a one-possession game. Marcus Mariotta seems to be shaking off the early sophomore slump.

Giants down Ravens 27-23 – I picked the Giants while Matt took Baltimore: 3-2 G-Man/3-2 Matty D – Matty D never picks NFC East teams that aren’t the Eagles. OBJ punished the shameless homer by entering an engagement with the infamous kicking net.

Saints hold off Panthers 41-38 – I picked Carolina while Matt took the Saints: 3-3 G-Man/4-2 Matty D – The Panthers were down 21-0 to start this game and eventually tied the game at 38. SuperCam and company need to get it together as their playoff chances are dwindling. Time to buy low? Ron Rivera has brought them through crazier circumstances.

Jags off Bears 17-16 – I picked the Bears while Matt took the Jags: 3-4 G-Man/5-2 Matty D – Maybe the worst Sunday game of the season. I say that because some of the Monday night games have been worse and none compare to the garbage fire that is Thursday night.

Lions beat Rams 31-28 – We both picked Detroit: 4-4 G-Man/6-2 Matty D – Matty D claimed the Goff era is fast approaching. Case Keenum must have read that as he WENT OFF (27 for 32, 321 yds, 3 TDs). Tough to defend that Lions receiving core though. Marvin Jones and Golden Tate are force with Stafford slinging.

Dolphins squish Steelers 30-15 – We both picked Pittsburgh: 4-5 G-Man/6-3 Matty D – This was Matt’s survivor pick of the week, whomp whomp. Big Ben going down is a huge loss for this Super Bowl frontrunner.

Pats smack Bengals 35-17 — We both picked New England: 5-5 G-Man/7-3 Matty D – The second stop on the Brady Revenge Tour featured a lot of Gronk. The Pats could start running away with the AFC soon.

Chiefs down Raiders 26-10 – We both picked the Raiders: 5-6 G-Man/7-4 Matty D – A wacky AFC West matchup that saw the Chiefs defense start to make a turnaround. Oakland’s offense got put in a lull as Latavious Murray’s absence was truly felt.

Cowboys leap over Packers 30-16 – We both picked Green Bay: 5-7 G-Man/7-5 Matty D – Good god the Cowboy rookies look good. Zeke may be the newest villain of the NFC East. The Pack looked very shaky in this one as Rodgers tossed for nearly 300 yards but only one touchdown.

Seahawks sneak by Falcons 26-24 — We both picked Seattle: 6-7 G-Man/8-5 Matty D – Richard Sherman’s no-call is the reason for the Seahawks’ win. A bad call but the Falcons have looked FANTASTIC during this West Coast swing. Their season took a nose dive in Week 6 last year. Atlanta seems legit in 2016.

Texans rally to beat Colts 26-23 in OT — We both picked Houston: 7-7 G-Man/9-5 Matty D – The Colts are almost a lock to lose on the road. Lamar Miller’s ROI is skyrocketing for the Texans as he put up huge numbers rushing for 149 yard and a touchdown.

Cards smack Jets 28-3 — We both picked Arizona as David Johnson put on another clinic

Matty D wins Week 6 10-5 to 8-7, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 3-1-2
G-Man Overall: 53-39
Matty D Overall: 50-42

Matty D pulls out his first win of 2016, better late than never. Actually a great week from Matt considering how wacky this week turned out to be, which semi-excuses my slightly above .500 week. It seems that the theme of the 2016 season has been “anything goes.” Somehow I’m 5-1 in our fantasy league (not somehow, I’m awesome) AND I’m still alive in survivor football, so I’ll take a weekly loss to MPD. What I won’t take is that Eagles loss. The Birds have to step up with Minnesota coming into town fresh off their bye week. Matt will be back on later this week to give us the full preview. Until then…



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