Matty D’s 2016 Week 6 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

Separation Sunday



As we approach the half way point of the season, Week 6 gives us an opportunity for contenders to show themselves while others fall by the wayside to NFL irrelevance. The Cowboys, Eagles, Bengals, and Ravens must prove they belong at the top while squads like the Panthers, Texans, and Cardinals need to show us they can bounce back from their slow starts. G-Man falls in the first category, I fall in the latter. He’s already up big on my in the Pick’Em series but I’ve got a good feeling about this week, Separation Sunday.

G-Man wins Week 5 8-6 to 5-9, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 3-0-2
G-Man Overall: 45-32
Matty D Overall: 40-37

Week 6 Cold Hard Locks

(G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted.)

Thursday Night Football

Denver at San Diego

G-Man went Broncos but I took the sneaky pick of the can’t-close Chargers. I was rewarded as Rivers was finally (barely) able to close it out and keep his Chargers in the AFC West race.


1pm Slate

Philadelphia at Washington

Washington is sneaky-hot but playing a balanced and angry Eagles team with Wentz coming off another Rookie of the Week honors. Pass rush eats up Cousins and Wentz rips through the beat up Skins secondary.

Prediction – Eagles

Pittsburgh at Miami

Always waiting for Miami to put it together. But not against this explosive Steelers unit.

Prediction – Steelers

This is Matty D’s Survival Pool Pick of the Week. Steelers are humming.


Jacksonville at Chicago

Blah game up in the north. Jacksonville is playing for more with a weak AFC South so Bortles guts one on the road here.

Prediction – Jaguars

G-Man is going with Da Bears.

Cleveland at Tennessee

Love me some Mariota here. Cleveland stays winless.

Prediction – Titans

Cincinnati at New England

Bad time for the fading Bengals to visit the Patriots. Brady beats em up.

Prediction – Patriots


San Francisco at Buffalo

Bills are streaking and 49ers are starting their backup. Rex gets another to secure his job.

Prediction – Bills

Baltimore at New York

Game could come down Odell vs Jimmy Smith. I think it comes down to Flacco finding Mike Wallace. Baltimore squeaks it out.

Prediction – Ravens

G-Man is picking the Giants here, I mean come on man the Giants?!?

Los Angeles at Detroit

Rams are fading and the Lions have spunk. The Goff era is fast approaching.

Prediction – Lions


Carolina at New Orleans

Cam is back, Carolina is pissed. Brees is at home and desperate for a win. In a rare shootout, the Saints get it done.

Prediction – Saints

G-Man likes the Panthers here, loves him so Supercam.

4pm Showdowns

Kansas City at Oakland

Oakland is for real and the defense isn’t even playing that well. Kansas City still hasn’t found that mojo and swagger yet, if leader Alex Smith even has it.

Prediction – Raiders

Dallas at Green Bay

Show-me game for Dallas. Can the kids keep it up? Short answer, no. Go Pack Go!

Prediction – Packers

Atlanta at Seattle

Atlanta won’t win this one. But its not time to panic at all. They are a good team and in command of the NFC North. Seattle in Seattle is as difficult as it gets.

Prediction – Seahawks

920x920 (1).jpg

Sunday Night Football

Indianapolis at Houston

Bad offense vs bad defense, good offense vs good defense. The game hinges on whether or not Lamar Miller can get going and Andrew Luck can make enough hero plays. I’m taking Miller and the Texans at home.

Prediction – Texans

Monday Night Football

New York at Arizona

Do you trust the Air Raid defense or Ryan Fitzpatrick? Yeah I thought so, Cardinals get back on track.

Prediction – Cardinals



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