Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 5 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. If you’re new to THE THUNDERBLOG, Matty D previews each NFL week and I wrap them up: the LOCKS and FAILS. Despite being bedridden with the flu, Matt fulfilled his promise and gave us his a full LOCKS this week. He needed a big week to catch up to me, let see how we did…

Week 5 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Cards down Niners 33-21 – I picked AZ while Matt picked San Fran: 1-0 G-Man/0-1 Matty D – David Johnson didn’t care his QB was hurt, he put the team on his back for the victory.

Pats rock Browns 33-13 – We both picked New England: 2-0 G-Man/1-1 Matty D – Originally this was my survival pick but didn’t submit mine on ESPN until after 1:00 games started. This may have been the lock of the year.

Lions edge Eagles 24-23 – We both picked the Eagles: 2-1 G-Man/1-2 Matty D – The Eagles fell for the trap game. All I will say about this is that you absolutely CANNOT take that many penalties. I’m sure they’re still sprinting from all of the penalties.

Colts beat Bears 29-23 – Matt took Indy while I picked Chicago: 2-2 G-Man/2-2 Matty D – I thought the Colts would be sluggish after playing in London last week but I was wrong.

Titans squish Dolphins 30-17 – I picked the Titans while Matt took Miami: 3-2 G-Man/2-3 Matty D – Matt trash talked Demarco Murray, who is having one of the seasons for RBs in 2016, he must still be bitter.

Redskins edge Ravens 16-10 – We both picked Baltimore: 3-3 G-Man/2-4 Matty D – Matt was absolutely right in calling this a blah game.

Vikings trounce Texans 31-13 – I picked “Sammy Sleeves” while Matt took the Texans, again: 4-3 G-Man/2-5 Matty D – Matty D LOVES picking the Texans almost as much as he loves Tom Brady. That Vikings D was enough for me to pick them as they continue to climb the NFL ladder.

Steelers dominate Jets 31-13 – We both picked Pittsburgh: 5-3 G-Man/3-5 Matty D – Almost as big of a lock as Browns/Pats.

Falcons stun Broncos 23-16 – We both picked Denver: 5-4 G-Man/3-6 Matty D – Matt and I both had the same thought taking Denver at home with that defense. Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman have become quite the RB tandem.

Cowboys double up Bengals 28-14 — We both picked Cincy: 5-5 G-Man/3-7 Matty D – Matt never picks the Cowboys but I thought Cincy would put up a fight against the Cowboys and plug up Zeke–the Cowboys proved they’re for real.

Bills down Rams 30-19 – I picked the Bills while Matt took LA: 6-5 G-Man/3-8 Matty D – Shady continues his great season rushing for 150 yards. Matt bought into the Rams and sold the Bill’s long trip West. Rex works in mysterious ways.

Raiders edge Chargers 34-31 – We both picked Oakland: 7-5 G-Man/4-8 Matty D – This ended up being my survival pick. Could pay off for me down the road. Oakland found a way to get it done with their RB tandem after Letavious Murray went down.

Packers get by Giants 23-16 — We both picked Green Bay: 8-5 G-Man/5-8 Matty D – This was a little closer than either of us thought. Odell ended up with his first touchdown, however.

Bucs edge Panthers 17-14 — We both picked Carolina – We both picked with the similar thought to the Denver game: a good defense at home without their QB is still enough.

G-Man wins Week 5 8-6 to 5-9, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 3-0-2
G-Man Overall: 45-32
Matty D Overall: 40-37

A tough week for me but an abysmal week for Matty D. Crushing him makes up for my fantasy team getting smacked by Commissioner Logan. Week 5 taught us all some lessons to take forward. Week 6 should go better for both of us as I’ll look to stay undefeated in the weekly series. Matt should hopefully be healed up on Thursday to post the Locks in time for Broncos/Chargers, until then…



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