Matty D’s 2016 Week 5 NFL Cold Hard Locks featuring the G-Man

The King of the North


Already onto Week 5 in the NFL. It has been a wild ride so far with teams both disappointing and surprising. The Jets are sitting at a paltry 1-3 while my hometown Eagles are going for their 4th straight win! But the real story this week is the return of the Greatest American, Mr. Tom Brady. He returns to bring his revenge to the league with fire and brimstone. So you know my lock of the week.

And so the annual series between myself and the G-Man is:

G-Man wins Week 4 8-7 to 7-8, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 2-0-2
G-Man Overall: 37-26
Matty D Overall: 35-28

Need a big week this week to catch back up on the G-Man

Week 5 Cold Hard Locks

(G-Man and Matty D have same picks unless otherwise noted.)


Thursday Night Football

Arizona at San Francisco

Well Geordie took the Cardinals and I went with the upset as Carson Palmer was out. Yeah that didn’t go well. Great start for the G-Man.


1pm Slate

New England at Cleveland

The return against the worst team in professional sports. Yeah this is my lock of the week. Brady throws for 4 TDs and Blount adds another. All hail the King!

Prediction – Patriots over Browns 38 to 17

This is Matty D’s and the G-Man’s Survival Pool Pick of the Week. Has there been an easier one this year?

Philadelphia at Detroit

Can the Birds keep it going? I’m not sleeping on Detroit as I still like Stafford and that passing attack. But I think its the Eagles D more so than Carson Wentz that gets this one done.

Prediction – Eagles over Lions 24 to 10

Chicago at Indianapolis

Two disappointing teams facing off. I still have faith in Andrew Luck even if the rest of his team is downright awful. I think he pulls this one out to keep the Colts around in the AFC South race.

Prediction – Colts over Bears 20 to 17

EDITOR G-MAN’s NOTE: I took the Bears here.

Tennessee at Miami

Can Ryan Tannehill start to figure it out? He has some decent weapons with Landry, Parker, and Stills so excuses are starting to run out. Tennessee has offensive talent too so this should be a high scoring game. I am thinking Miami finds a way today with a few plays from that excellent defensive line to stave off the Titans.

Prediction – Dolphins over Titans 31 to 28

G-Man is taking the Titans here. I guess he is still has some affection for DeMarco Murray.

Washington at Baltimore

This has the makings of the blah game. Both of these teams don’t have big name stars (quiet down DeSean). I like Baltimore though. Solid, fundamental team with a balance between offense and defense.

Prediction – Ravens over Redskins 24 to 16

Houston at Minnesota

What a game this is. Big time defenses going head to head. While I’m not sold on Brock Osweiler I’ve fully bought in on Hopkins, Fuller, and Miller. And without Stefon Diggs I think Houston has enough to bottle up that offense and steal one against the NFC favorite.

Prediction – Texans over Vikings 16 to 10

G-Man is siding with the undefeated Vikings in this one. Not his worst decision but he is still trusting Sammy Sleeves.

New York at Pittsburgh

The Steelers offense finally showed up last week and Le’Veon Bell was a major reason for that. I know the Jets are a good defensive team but Pittsburgh is rolling and looking to keep making a statement after the loss to the Eagles. All Steelers all day.

Prediction – Steelers over Jets 27 to 20

4pm Showdowns

Atlanta at Denver

This could turn out to be a fun game. The best pass defense facing off against one of the best passing offense. Plus a rookie QB starting for the defending champions. If this game was in Atlanta then I would side with them but up at Mile High against that excellent defense, I think Paxton Lynch gets a win in his first start.

Prediction – Broncos over Atlanta 24 to 20

Cincinnati at Dallas

Quite the show-me game for the youth movement in Dallas. In comes Cincinnati who will give this team a really good test on both sides of the ball. I think it will be too much for Dak and Zeke.

Prediction – Bengals over Cowboys 31 to 17

Buffalo at Los Angeles

The surprise Rams taking on the Rex-angry Bills in LA. I like this Rams team for some reason. I was very low on them to start the year but their defense has shored up and the offense is playing to not lose the game.

Prediction – Rams over Buffalo 17 to 14

G-Man thinking Rex has rediscovered some of this magic. I doubt it but hey it is Hollywood.

San Diego at Oakland

Could be a high scoring game. Please get Philip Rivers on a better team. Guy is playing so well. This will be a typical Chargers game, up early and lose late. Believe Raiders nation, believe.

Prediction – Raiders over Chargers 27 to 24

Sunday Night Football

New York at Green Bay

Can Odell keep his head?  Can the Giants defense stop Rodgers and Co.? I think neither. Green Bay makes another statement and puts the Vikings on notice.

Prediction – Packers over Giants 31 to 21

Monday Night Football

Tampa Bay at Carolina

Both of these teams have been disappointing. But the Panthers are the defending NFC champions, they have much more to lose this year. I think they get back on track by forcing Winston into some more poor decisions.

Prediction – Panthers over Buccaneers 20 to 17 


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