Thunderblog NFL Cold Hard FAILS: 2016 Week 4 Edition

My favorite part of the week. Cold. Hard. FAILS. If you’re new to THE THUNDERBLOG, Matty D previews each NFL week and I wrap them up: the LOCKS and FAILS. Matt’s busy schedule had him posting a “quick hits” version of the locks this week so there wasn’t a lot of Matt’s boyish charm in the post. He told he’ll be making time to post it in full this week, so crisis averted. Before we look at Week 5, we must wrap up Week 4. I took a lead last week so Matt wanted to even it up. Our matchup in fantasy didn’t go so well for him, let’s see how he faired against me in Week 4 Pick’em…

Week 4 Cold Hard FAILS

By now you’ve seen the scores so I’m going to show who we picked…

Bengals squish Dolphins 22-7 – We both picked Cincy: 1-0 G-Man/1-0 Matty D – A monster week for AJ Green evens up the Bengals at 2-2.

Jags fend off Colts 30-27 – We both picked Indy: 1-1 G-Man/1-1 Matty D – Matty D felt comfortable in our fantasy matchup as he utilized a strong London outing from Blake Bortles. Andrew Luck got tossed around like a rag doll.

Texans swatt Titans 27-20 – I picked Tennessee while Matt picked Houston: 1-2 G-Man/2-1 Matty D – Get it? I had to give JJ Watt some type of presence. Gone but not forgotten.

Redskins down Browns 31-20 – We both picked Washington: 2-2 G-Man/3-1 Matty D – Figures the week I don’t pick the team playing the Browns is the one where Cleveland loses by double-digits. Terrelle Pryor is having a resurgent year in Believeland. Jordan Reed finally put up a big game for Washington.

Seahawks ground Jets 27-17 – I picked Seattle while Matt took the Jets: 3-2 G-Man/3-2 Matty D – Matt talked trash about Russell Wilson’s knee; DangeRuss move there, Matty. Wilson put up 309 yards and 3 TDs as he purchased a large plot of land on Revis Island.

Bills blank Patriots 16-0 – We both picked New England: 3-3 G-Man/3-3 Matty D – No one saw this coming. Just adding fuel to Brady’s fire for when they meet again in a few weeks.

Falcons blast Panthers 48-33 – We both picked Carolina: 3-4 G-Man/3-4 Matty D – Matty Ice and Julio dominate for the first 500/300-yard game (QB/WR) in NFL history. Cam got taken out of this game with a concussion.

Raiders edge Ravens 28-27 – I picked the RRRRRaiders while Matt took Baltimore: 4-4 G-Man/3-5 Matty D – My AFC West pick looks strong but barely got through here. Michael Crabtree had a big day with 3 TDs, he and Amari Cooper could become a dangerous tandem.

Bears down Lions 17-14 – We both picked Detroit: 4-5 G-Man/3-6 Matty D – I had a sneaking suspicion of this game, wasn’t brave enough to pull the trigger though. Chicago needed an emotional win and that’s what they got. Beardown indeed.

Broncos slam Bucs 27-7 — We both picked Denver: 5-5 G-Man/4-6 Matty D – Paxton Lynch has arrived! Lynch looked good but once again, Denver was lead by their defense.

Rams take down Cardinals 17-13 – We both picked Arizona: 5-6 G-Man/4-7 Matty D – Carson Palmer went down in this game as another QB was sacrificed to bring Tom Brady back. LA is tied for 1st place in the NFC West, a sport AZ hoped to be in through four weeks.

Saints rally past Chargers 35-34 – We both picked San Diego: 5-7 G-Man/4-8 Matty D – John Kuhn’s bowling over the San Diego Goal Line Formation ruined Matt’s chance to be above .500 on the week.

Cowboys down Niners 24-17 — We both picked Dallas: 6-7 G-Man/5-8 Matty D

Steelers dominate Chiefs 43-14 — We both picked the Steel Curtain: 7-7 G-Man/6-8 Matty D – WOAH! Big Ben and Mike Tomlin were embarrassed by the Eagles in Week 3. They wanted revenge and they certainly got it. Le’Veon Bell was great in his return as opened up the skies for the Big Ben to Antonio Brown connection.

Vikings beat Giants 24-10 – We both picked Minnesota – My survival pick lasts another week.

G-Man wins Week 4 8-7 to 7-8, G-Man leads Weekly Series: 2-0-2
G-Man Overall: 37-26
Matty D Overall: 35-28

Another rough week, frankly a few were unforeseen but others could have been avoided. At least I’m doing well in CFB and that’s against the spread. We live on to see another week as we move to Week 5 as we have a weird NFC West matchup. Matt should be back on Thursday with the LOCKS. Until then…



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