This Flyers Pump-up Video Will Make You Wish Game 1 Was Tonight

HERE WE GO. For those that asked for my full homer opinion in yesterday’s full playoff preview, HERE IT IS!

The Flyers have the team to grind out a seven-game series with the Caps. Mason will need to be at the top of his game but Neuvirth is back so they can always tandem the netminders. It worked for the Blackhawks last year so it can work now. Voracek and G will need to turn on their wondertwin powers and lead the charge for Simmer, Braydo, and the rest of the offense. Km most excited to see Gostisbehere in the playoffs. He could easily turn into the defenseman version of Ville Lenno. All-in-all, the Fly Guys will need all seven to take down the Goliath that is the 2016 Washington Capitals. It’s easy to make a joke about how they never perform in the playoffs but they’re better than a team who was an overtime goal away from the Eastern Conference Finals.

Do it for Ed.

[H/T Third and Girl]


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